Hillarys comments "They All Look Alike"

Sean you should be running the clip non stop of Hillary’s recent interview of when the interviewer mixes up Eric Holder and Cory Booker and Hillary comments that "They all Look alike ". And show the country what real racism is .

The word racism is a word that has lost it’s meaning because it’s so blatantly misused. This thread is another example IMO. Hillary was making fun of the person who mixed up the two and nothing more. Here it is…judge for yourselves.

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Oprah should use Hillary as an example of one of those old white people that have been marinated in racism. You know the ones that Oprah said just need to die.

The only “story” (if there is even a story to be had there) is the duplicity of the left in becoming unhinged when a non-lib makes a joke or a quip like that.

We all know it would still be a major story today had Trump made that comment.


I totally agree that the right should spend the final few days of the campaign yelling about a dumb remark from a private citizen.

Where is your link?

Definitely shouldn’t have said that. Also, why is she not locked up?


Hillary says it…its funny. If I say it I probably lose my job. It’s just that simple…hypocrisy…thy name is Hillary.


On the plus side, this might be the first and only thing Hillary and Steve King agree about,

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She doesn’t have a job to lose.


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But statements of this kind demonstrate that she’s definitely not fit to run again.

She must have forgotten her daily dose of hot sauce that morning.


She was never my first choice anyways. Not even close. Would she have been vastly superior to Trump? Yes. But she was also very uninspiring and didn’t really know how to connect with younger, more progressive voters.

Thanks OP, not going to vote for Hillary next time.

So that makes it ok?

but you bet every red hatter will still vote for Mr. ■■■■■ Grabber.

This is Trump’s fault, really. She’d never had opportunity to say this if the President had the cojones to lock her up.

Not at all.

as if the pink hatters would do any different if it were Hillary running