Here’s A Question


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: like who?


I like Sen. Hirono now. She said it would be a distraction to call for any action against Al Franken, yet demanded the Ford accusers be believed, and told men to shut up and sit down.

I guess it all depends on which side of the aisle the accused stands.


Al Franken? Its still 2018?


So it’s ok to take one position for someone on your own side of the aisle while doing a complete 180 for someone on the other side?


We’re talking about Justin Fairfax here, not Al Franken.


I see that cons are employing their own two tier system unless you think supporting Kavanaugh’s innocence and declaring Fairfax guilty is somehow not glaringly hypocritical.


I see that libs are employing their own two tier system unless you think supporting Fairfax innocence and declaring Kavanagh guilty is somehow not glaringly hypocritical.


Are you secretly supporting Fairfax ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and waiting for actual evidence? Have cons switch now to automatically believing the accuser?

These are inconsistent with what I heard during the Kavanaugh hearings. In fact 180 out.

How is that not hypocritical?


Talk to people who did that. You would be right about them.

That’s not a defense for cons doing their own 180.


Apparently she did tell several friends who have corroborated her claim.


Yes, Fairfax is innocent until proven guilty. By actual evidence.


Of course it is, but that’s not what’s happening.


And a state politician.


I am talking to someone who did that. Everyone on here from the left was doing that.


Just like Ford. Or didn’t her therapist count?


Count for what?


Proving once again your memory has failed you.

I just returned to posting here recently, like this calendar year, I wasn’t even posting during the Kavanaugh hearings so you’re not talking to “someone who did that”.


Count for telling a third party.


Aside from extremely violent cases, I don’t believe that there is anything that can be done to make it ‘easy’ for a woman to come forward. It’s not a matter of mechanics or procedure or “treatment”. It’s personal.


Uh no. Then it doesn’t count. Fairfax accuser told a representative, who admitted it.

Ford’s shrink needs a shrink.