Here’s A Question


He was here and participated.


OK…I don’t remember him on this forum. At old house I do.


To clarify: I very recently rejoined. I wasn’t posting during the Kavanaugh threads but I was routinely here. I’m the same guy I was before, just posting from a different state now.


Ok, if you say so.


It’s not true because I say so, I say so because I know it to be true.

OK if you say so.

Just saving some time.




It’s just the sides will flip on who supports who.


Exactly. This one shouldn’t be given any consideration because it’s a democrat and only a temporary position. No biggie.


He should resign period…just like brett should have walked away from scotus…see how easy it is to have standards folks and not make excuses for your party?


Actually I don’t think he should resign, unless the women reported it to police or other viable references to the assault.

IMO libs made it to easy to destroy someone career.

We need to make it easy for women to come forward immediately at the time assault taken place…not years later.


Precedence has been set. Since so many on the left called for Kavanagh to resign the second the accusation came out, they can’t renege on that.


Oh I agree. They need to practice what they preach. But you and I know that’s not the case.

Libs believe in two tier system…one for them and one for others that’s not them.


Oh I know. Now it will be excuse, defend, deflect, etc. All I expect to hear is how this one is different than Kavanagh, etc.


Yes- it’s the contemporaneous accounts that bolster what the plaintiff alleges. Without them…


Libs made it easy? This has been going since hart…


No he shouldn’t. He was elected by the will of the people.


Not if it didn’t happen whatever the case. What kind of precedent would that set? Do you believe that every man in every situation accused by any woman for something should just accept whatever consequences come?


Elected or not he can still resign if he feels he is guilty…


Nope i dont.


Most democrats, who have gone on record, have called on Fairfax to resign.