Here’s A Question


You’d have s point but most libs seem to be calling for Fairfax to resign. Are you reading this thread?


I do see a lot of “let’s not rush to judgment.”


And I love the complete 180 liberals are doing in regard to this compared to their actions against Kavanagh.


Liberals have been asking for Northam to resign. Where do you see the 180?


Where? I’ve seen like two on here who have said either of them should resign. And a whole lot of “let’s not rush to judgment.” Compared to liberals demanding Kavanagh withdraw the second the accusation came out against him.


The shrink would have admitted it too (that Ford told her) but she wasn’t asked as I recall.

But what you’re saying is telling someone isn’t enough to establish credibility unless they fit a particular standard. Therapist = doesn’t count; Representative = counts (never mind later on we’ll be talking about all politicians lying, but it’s all part of the moving target some here call “consistency”).


Then how do you know that?

No need to talk about politicians lying, he admitted she told him.


We don’t need a defense for “due process”, it’s the law. And actually that law didn’t apply in the Kavanagh case because all involved in the 37 year old accusation were minors who are protected under a different law!

There was no “180” turn around and there is nothing in common with the cases anyway since one is an adult accusing another adult of rape and the other was a drunk teenager accusing another teenager of tearing off clothing.


I thought Ford told us. I don’t remember hearing it from the therapist directly.

That aside, it doesn’t really address why it doesn’t count.


You don’t get to put that aside.


So you’re giving Fairfax the benefit of the doubt for the time being?


Sure I do. Where the info came from at this point doesn’t matter to the question of whether or not telling a third party relevant. You’ve conceded there was a third party in the Ford case. You haven’t explained why one third party isn’t equal to another.


Ford never told the therapist Kavanaugh’s name and she never turned the session notes over to the committee.

Her husband is the one who claims she said Kavanaugh, not the therapist.


No you don’t.

She never identified Kavanaugh to the doctor.


The thread about Northam was literally a parade of liberal posters saying he needed to go.


And the ones about Fairfax are liberals giving him the benefit of the doubt and “reserving judgment” when they were blasting Kavanagh and demanding a resignation.


Maybe you missed the initial thread on Northam. Most libs were calling for him to step down.


Nothing is going to happen to any of them in VA. They will all just wait it out till next election cycle and then see how it goes. That is the DNC Lib way.


She told a friend, then waited several years to formally accuse, & the rest of us are supposed to believe her? Why even tell a friend?

I agree with another poster that there should be a limit on the amount of time an assault victim can come forward with their accusations. It seems way too easy to falsely accuse another & ruin his life.


I’d say Franken disagrees with that.