Have Trump's COVID policies saved two million lives?

According to projections from March, the US should have a total of 2.2 million deaths by now:

The real number is about 200,000, and the 2.2 million figure was used to push the need for draconian lockdowns.

Have Trump’s policies really saved 2 million lives?

Or were the projections grossly unreliable to begin with?

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Is anyone else as frustrated as I am that very fundamental and basic “if-then” models/scenarios are still so misunderstood by such a large segment of the public?

If society does nothing, then we can expect deaths to reach _______.

It shouldn’t be that hard of a concept, yet it is for so many people.

Can anyone explain why? Seriously? Why?


Trump needs to win on every issue, no matter how utterly incompetent he is.

Biden claims that Trump is personally responsible for every COVID death in the entire world.

Biden also claims that we could save 100000 lives if everyone wore masks, base on projections from one university:

But if we wear a mask we save 100,000 of those lives, doing nothing but that.

By Biden’s own logic Trump has already saved 2 million lives since the actual deaths have been so much lower than projected.

Trump soteriology is icky.

There is no question at all that had this administration actually followed the science and the experts advice from the beginning and not downplayed the virus that tens of thousands of lives could have been spared.

We have examples from every other Western nation on Earth to see what could have been. We see even to this very day what Trump’s decision to downplay the benefit of universal mask usage has wrought on the nation. We see what his decision to give China glowing praise and the benefit of the doubt has caused.

Trump knew how deadly this virus was for weeks before he admitted it in public. He knew the virus was being spread through airborne transmission weeks before he acknowledged this truth. This ■■■■■■■ psychopath held 5 MAGA rallies from February 10th (3 days after he admitted on tape what he knew) and March 2nd with thousands and thousands of screaming Americans, indoors, no masks, and not being told the deadliness of this virus and the fact it was not spreading surface-to-surface, but from breathing.

There are things a person can debate. There are things a person can overlook. There are things a person can accept, out of some blind political faith or ideological benefit that eventually comes. But tens of thousands of dead Americans? Who the ■■■■ can accept that as a part of their ideological stance? I guess we will see on November 3rd.

How many of our brothers and sisters were acceptable casualties in the war for America’s soul?


Not without eating a permaban.

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My observation is the Democrats are rewriting history to fit their narrative. China did its best to hide the seriousness of the initial outbreak in Wuhan, and initial reports were frequently incorrect and confusing. US social media shutdown links to sites, such as Zerohedge, who showed graphic videos coming from social media in China with people dropping in the streets and reported on speculation from China about a possible lab origin for the virus.

Trump was among the first leader to announce a ban on travelers from China on January 30. Biden denounced the move as hysterical xenophobia, and Democrats continued to push their impeachment trial and viewed the coronavirus as a distraction. The first coronavirus hearing in the House did not occur until February 5.

Here is a some background in earlier threads:

No. Trump and Democratic governors bungled the initial response, the severity was overestimated, and the fact that our fatalities aren’t worse is by sheer accident. No party can claim leadership during this pandemic.

You remember the kids in school that were constantly asking what all this “algebra nonsense” would ever be used for?

That’s essentially what we’re dealing with here 20 - 30 years later…


I tell my wife often that people don’t magically get smarter after they leave high school. :smiley:

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Hogwash. With Trump the buck seems to always stop way over ——————> there.

I agree that China was horrific in all of this. I can even believe their misinformation could be classified as an attack on us and the world. And what has Trump done to hold them accountable for their actions? NOTHING. Not a damn thing. He waved the white flag of surrender.

This is factually untrue. Talk about attempting to re-write history. There were about 40 other counties that imposed a ban on Chinese travel before Trump finally was convinced by his NSC and Dr. Fauci to ban Chinese travel. And when he finally agreed after about a week of pleading, then he went with some watered down version that still allowed 40,000+ to travel here from China.


And Biden can be wrong on nothing as a Monday morning quarterback.

If you only knew…half of what you think you know…you’d then know…how much you don’t know. :sunglasses:


…eggzactly. :sunglasses:

Biden thought 200 million people died, so Trump save 199.8 million Americans now according to democrat math…


Deaths from The ‘Rona topped 200 K. The Dims must be elated.
Well, it beats the H1N1 by about 140,00 annually so there goes that conversation.

Who’s projections exactly? Because the Imperial College London put out that estimate around that time, the IHME put out there own estimates as well… and wouldn’t you know, during March Trump was emphasizing that the US only had 22 deaths, and that it would disappear soon. :man_shrugging:

The 2M projection came from ICL, you can read more here: How One Model Simulated 2.2 Million U.S. Deaths from COVID-19 | Cato Institute Their analysis was quite simplistic, but also predicated on the notion that nothing would be done to curtail the spread (e.g. no masks, no social distancing, etc.) So it projected numbers based on conditions that were never in play here.

The IHME has put out numerous models that have been far more reliable, mostly because they consider three different conditions. You can see their models archived here: COVID-19 estimate downloads | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Some info explaining their model methods can be found here: COVID-19 model FAQs | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

But you speak of “Trump’s policies”, as they relate to the coronvairus outbreak. What exactly are his policies? Is it wearing masks? Then why doesn’t he wear one? Is it encouraging social distancing? Then why would he post tweets about liberating Michigan, Virginia, etc. in support of protesters storming State Houses right when they’re in the midst of an outbreak? Is it putting restraints on local economies under more dire conditions? What exactly do you perceive as “Trump’s Policies” as it relates to this situation?

The IHME projections have been fairly reliable thus far. The ICL estimates were never taken too serious, because honestly, something is going to be done to curb the infection rate with, or without, political influence. People are smarter than that. But back in March, Trump was still saying that it will just go away soon, likely with some warmer weather. How’d that projection play out?