Did Cuomo botch the COVID response for the whole country?

Governor Cuomo recently tore into the Trump administration’s response to the COVID epidemic:

“This was a colossal blunder, how this COVID was handled by this government,” Cuomo told reporters in New York City. “Shame on all of you,” Cuomo said of the Trump administration.

My observation is that Cuomo’s own history includes plenty of blunders at least in retrospect. New York started by down-playing the seriousness of the disease in early March, followed by locking down the state on March 22. At the same time that the lockdown was killing the economy, the continued operation of crowded trains and buses allowed the disease to spread rapidly. In New York City the results were some of the highest infection rates in the world.

Arguably the most egregious action was the decision to force nursing homes to take infected patients. New York’s decision was followed by several other states with Democratic governors. These decisions probably resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths in nursing homes and retirement communities.

Back in late March, Trump floated the idea of a federal quarantine of the New York area to reduce of the spread of the disease. Cuomo immediately threatened lawsuits and complained bitterly about any restrictions on travel by New Yorkers:

I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know how that could be legally enforceable. And from a medical point of view, I don’t know what you’d be accomplishing. . . Mandatory quarantine is a scary concept, because it sounds like you’re saying to people can’t leave this district. We never did that. –Governor Cuomo, March 2020
For background see:

The CDC director recently said that travelers from New York and other areas of the Northeast were a likely source for new infections in much of the rest of the US.

Meanwhile, New York along with Connecticut and New Jersey are imposing a mandatory quarantine for travelers from a long list of states, which is exactly the sort of action that Cuomo bitterly criticized back in March:

The criteria for being on the list of states for mandatory quarantines is 10 new cases per 100,000 in the last week. New York state’s rate is at 20; what possible use is this quarantine? In addition to the obvious hypocrisy, is this quarantine even constitutional?

Is the Trump administration’s biggest failing is that it allowed Cuomo to blunder and spread the disease without a federal quarantine of the New York area?

Should Cuomo look in the mirror if he is really searching for responsible parties for the severity of the COVID epidemic?


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nuthin then. okay.

yes, the Cuomovirus was spread further and killed more people because of Cuomo’s policies


Hold on it gets better.

Its ok when Liberals announce the reopening of schools though according to the media and Cumoo but for the virus its TRUMP’S FAULT MOMMY!

Exactly and Cuomo’s policies had even covid patients from hospital being placed in nursing homes and now the media pretend that nothing of that sort of thing had even happened?

Remember that hope one ship that Trump send to New York? Cuomo rejected the assistance that Trump send to new york, its not a surprise why so many covid patients weren’t seen on the ship. Its because he didnt send them to the ship.

Meanwhile the democrats had no problems accepting assistance from China. Cuomo even thanked China’s aid. Cuomo even blames Euporean travelers who brought the covid to NY Cuomo and dems have not blamed China’s gov on anything.

The 100k deaths which democrats on twitter use to attack Trump for mostly comes from NY alone.


Not me.

Cuomo is taking the same gamble Israel did, and it’s dumb.

Phased reopening the way Israel started to do it…with pods…would have been a much better way to go.

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Yes, Cuomo recently agreed with Trump and is allowing reopening of schools. Most of the national media ignored the decision.

While I agree with the decision, Cuomo’s support makes me a bit nervous given his abysmal track record on COVID questions.

I am sure those crazies leftists on twitter weirdos would love that idea of pods but i wonder how many of them are actually going be jumping into the idea themselves?

When Trump was suggesting that schools should reopen safely he got criticized for it by Cuomo and media/democarts.

“Its to early dont do it democrats say”
Seems like the democrats are showing how hypocrites they are.

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I think the mistake was focusing on NYC to the exclusion of just about everything else. Easy enough to understand why, given the circumstances of the time.

I believe all of them are making the best decisions they know how in the moment based on the information they have. The “mistakes” are not malicious.

That said, Cuomo has no business pointing fingers at anybody.

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Cuomo sings a different tune in April

“He has delivered for New York. He has,” Cuomo said of Trump, in response to a question from Stern about whether the president has really done anything of consequence to help.

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Yes, the decisions appear to be blunders in retrospect. At the time there was very little real data, and decisions had to be made quickly.

My point is that Cuomo is the last person to be criticizing Trump about his COVID decisions.

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I’m fairly certain there is no way to describe sending active COVID patients into nursing homes against CDC advice as anything but “malicious”. Cuomo did manage to put Bernie’s health care for seniors plan into operation though, and lowered NYs future end of life care costs.

Selective memory. Perhaps Cuomo needs a cognitive test?

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It can easily be described as not malicious…it can be described as making a choice between two really bad options (although in retrospect the concern about hospitals being overrun did not happen to the degree Cuomo thought it would when he made the decision).

But in my mind, the “cover up” was worse than the crime in many respects…that bogus report that he got the CEO of Northwell Health to endorse (I’m really pissed off because I happen to know the CEO of Northwell and can’t believe he put his name to that piece of ■■■■ report) stating that the readmissions weren’t a major source of nursing home infections and deaths was a travesty.

I understand that. My statement was hyperbole, not meant to be taken completely seriously. It is un-contestable however that his policy, despite his claim to the contrary, was not in keeping with CDC guidance on the matter.

the fact is he let fear of what might happen overrule the logic of what definitely would happen.

Ventilators>masks>nursing homes>ship>nurses


This report by the NY State Health Department says “that nursing home admissions from hospitals were not a driver of nursing home infections or fatalities.” Instead, it says the virus’ rampant run through New York nursing homes was propelled by the 37,500 nursing home workers who became infected between mid-March and early June and unknowingly passed the virus on.

At the time, Cuomo’s order to send recovering patients back to the nursing homes was based on the predicate that they had to be medically stable. And he did this to free up much needed beds in the hospitals. The screw-up was not having them test verified at the time. But tests at times was in short supply and needed in the hospitals. Where they blew it was allowing infected employees into the facilities.

Lack of testing created by Trump and his administration is one of the key causes of the spread. Not the only reason, but an extremely large one. COVID-19 testing problems started early, U.S. still playing from behind

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Upstate NY resident here. (Turkeys outnumber taxis by at least 100 to 1) . No fan of Cuomo but to his credit he is recognizing that centralized government is not right even for the state. He is leaving it up to the school boards.

I hope he realizes- and that libs recognize - that at the federal level, centralized control of this sort of thing that is not among tbe constitutional powers of the federal government is not only unconstitutional but just wrong.