Gun supporters please read this

17 shots with a pump action .22LR in 9 seconds. AK’s and AR’s are scary because they fire “fast”. lol


I have a Henry. .22 WMR.


You know that anyone with money can buy a car. Anyone who wishes to can then drive it. Many people do so without licenses and registration and many people do so drunk and many people kill other people with their vehicle. Do you think a license and registration is gonna keep someone who wants to drive into a crowd to kill people?
Again criminals don’t follow laws…

The person in Dayton who shot and killed 9 people did so in under 30 seconds. 9 dead in under 30 seconds.

Mine is a Henry 22-mag lever action. It’s super, duper cool.

It is a completely nonsensical argument to use “criminals don’t follow laws” to support there should be gun laws reform. To follow that to its logical conclusion it would mean you would have no laws.

Mine too. It’s the only one I have that holds more than 10 rounds.

So we should have no laws then, right?

Remington 870 three shots with plug, 5 without. Loaded with buckshot, one could easily exceed 9 targets in a minute with or without plug.

It’s the most common pump action shotgun available.

Also available in super scary black version


Obviously not. But we need to fix why people are doing this. Because no matter what you make illegal or what you take away, this type of crazy will do It however they find a way.

Oooh! Nice!

Aaaaaggghhhhh!!! SNAP!!!

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Not what I’m saying at all. Crazy people will do crazy things. Fix the crazy.


You can kill 9 unarmed people in under a minute with a 9mm handgun. It’s not hard when they are literally defenseless.

The “scariest” version, $5 hacksaw upgrade.

Needs to be painted black. Already illegal.

But I think its a good idea to make it as hard as possible for them to do it.

How are you gonna make it hard to drive a car, or get a knife, or buy fertilizer?

Fix the crazy!


That was a blunder on their part as it didn’t fit their agenda. All lives should matter but the left wing media and lib candidates are only interested in those they can politicize.

How will you do that? We can’t even agree to give everyone regular health care. Now you think we’re going to fix deep mental issues?

Come on.

The logic is deeply flawed. The issue isn’t gun ownership but mental health. Or, it is what a person who is morally bankrupt chooses to use as a weapon. Take the gun away and they are going to use a different means to accomplish their goal.


Seeing that bottom 870 makes me relive a regret.

A local pawn shop had one almost exactly like that bottom one a few years ago. It was slightly used. 300 bucks.

Unfortunately I was in a tough spot financially at that time and couldn’t come up with the money.

I really wanted that gun, though.

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