Gun supporters please read this

…and tell me if you still think your right to won a gun is more important than the pain wrought on victims of gun violence.

thanks for reading the whole article and giving it serious thought.

Does the surgery, broken bones, and countless injuries in automobile accidents every day less important that your right to own and drive a car?


car ownership is highly regulated.


When gun is as hard to get as a car and driver licence then you have a point. But as it is now we regulate cars a ton more than cars.

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I meant cars regulated more than guns are.

I have to object to the original comparison by Snow.

Their is a right to keep and bear arms.

Their is NOT a right to own and drive automobiles.

Invalid comparison.


I would agree to certain measures that would be helpful, without violating RKBA. Universal background checks, and WELL WRITTEN red flag laws, among other measures, would be helpful and constitutional.

Yes it is.

and NOT protected by the constitution.

Where’s the call for the outlaw of vehicles that can go over 50 mph?
Where’s the call for mandatory tests that have to be performed (eye hand cordination things) before you can even start the car?


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No. Not Constitutional.

They had background checks.

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LOL you ~think~ it’s hard to get a car??? really??? Or to get a drivers license??

Do you have to undergo a background check to buy a car? How about get a drivers license?

More than a valid comparison.

Guns – protected by constitution. Oh read this sob story and tell me you still want your guns.

Cars – not protected by constition. Many more sob story’s DAILY than gun violence and not a call to ban them or get rid of the dangers in them.

See the comparison?

More emotional outburst.

After seeing and hearing just how corrupt our top law enforcement/intell are…all the more reason why the people of this country shouldn’t give up their 2nd Amendment rights


No one wants to make cars safer?

Libs desperately wanting me to give up my rights: “Gun supporters, please read this!”


I cannot be forced to feel like you because of some stupid internet article. I enjoy my rights, thank you very much.


OP clearly is trying to paint us out as cold uncaring heartless people.

Sadly they’re using the bodies of the dead to push for authoritarian rule.


Not in a significant way.

They would still be made of all steel.
They would have limits on how fast they can go.
They would have 5 pt harnesses
They wouldn’t start unless the harness was buckled properly.

That’s only the simple stuff.

That happens when people get irrationally emotional over issues that had nothing to do with them.


Is this the type of person YOU want to give up their gun?

Police are now saying Sorensen assaulted the woman, giving her a concussion and other injuries.

When the passerby showed up, police say he gave Sorensen multiple warnings “to stop assaulting the female or he would shoot.”

Police say Sorensen continued to punch and bite the woman and then began stomping on her head.

She broke free and ran behind the passerby, who continued verbally warning Sorensen, according to Provo Police.

Witnesses said Sorensen then advanced toward the two, and then shots were fired.

What if this guy hadn’t been armed? What would have happened to the woman getting her head stomped on? What would have happened to the guy trying to protect this woman?

You want to find this woman, look her in the eye and say – the man that probably saved your life should not have been armed??

Make guns safer. :rofl: my 1911s have 3 safeties on them and the bullet always comes out the same end. How can I make it safer?



Keep it clean and well-lubed with CLP, chamber free of debris at all times.


Never use ammo that appears damaged or discolored. It’s not a badge of honor to experience a pop-no-kick.

Oh, and don’t let it play violent video games!