Grill that porterhouse to perfection


Ganna have some country friend steak with mashed taters
here soon.


I’m chewing on some cajun pork tenderloin with wild grain rice ATM.


niiiiice! Pork tenderloin is da bomb!!!


4x, 40c/30p/30f during 6w build, 50p/30c/20f during 2w cut. Rinse and repeat.

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I had two pieces of deep dish pizza.

It was supreme minus the black olives, and mushroom, and added
ham and bacon.


eating some shells and cheese with ham. Hoping to get taco Supremes later.


Cow good. Democrat trying to take parts of cows from me bad. lol.


I have to admit I was somewhat shocked to see the latest beef prices at the market.


We have been in a period of low cattle inventory and low average weight, combined with robust demand.

Demand is expected to remain robust, but cattle inventories are increasing and long range weather forecasts look good, which is a good sign that average weight will be up as well, which should result in a substantial increase in overall beef supply, in the coming year.

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I love pot roast, and steak, and cheap steak, once in awhile I can afford
the expensive stuff like New York Strip, but only on a rare occasion.

I love the stuff that comes out of chickens and pigs also. lol.


crackers with brown sugar packaged ham, and mild blocked cheese.

some beef stew also.


Since I’ve cut way back on beef, I prefer only the best cuts. :wink:


Cows and Pigs thank salad eating Vegetarians, and Vegans like
Corey Booker.

I mean, who would ever Vote for a Presidential Candidate who doesn’t eat parts
of a Cow?

The best cuts are always good, but I can’t afford them most of the time.
Besides, I like some of the tougher cuts anyways.


Age leads to wisdom (in general.) I have reached the age where I finally realized that saving a few dollars to buy less than the best is not a wise decision for those things that are enjoyed as a treat. That applies to anything, not just red meat. That’s why I am willing to pay $12 a six pack for good microbrew that I enjoy with each dinner and $100 for a good bourbon that is going to be savored over the course of several months. And it’s why on the few occasions each year that my wife and I go out to a fine restaurant, I will order the $40 fillet rather than the $30 New York.


Exactly. Why have Snow crab when you can have King. :wink:

I traded red meats with fish, been eating lot of Alaskan cod as of late since it’s pretty cheap and fresh ATM. It’s great with lemon pepper or deep fried and tartar.

Waiting on some chicken to become available, I get a great deal on it when I buy 20 pounds or more. Meanwhile I stock up on pork tenderloin. Before each Christmas and Easter when they slaughter pigs for ham, they sell that pretty damn cheap. I can buy that for buck 80 a pound.

Was hoping to get one or two entire prime rib when it come available. But beef prices are pretty high ATM.


Agree. I don’t drink a lot of beer, but when I do I want to drink what I like, which are Belgium Abby Ales. They range in price between about $12-$18 for a four pack. I don’t eat much red meat, maybe once a week or so, but when I do, I want something like a rib eye or t-bone. I’m not partial to shoe leather.


Samm- you can go first class and still save a few bucks. Instead of $100 bourbon, try a $1 can of Sterno filtered through a loaf of bread.
Also visit the Dumpsters behind fine restaurants. You’ll be amazed what gets thrown away that you can enjoy.
I have many other pointers on living like a King if you want them :smile:


I had homemade spaghetti. It was good.


I’ve been vegan for years. And I’m fine with you eating meat. Eat what you want, I’ll eat what I want. Cool?


I ate some chicken. Cooked it in the over for 2 hours. It came with some good
seasoning on it!

It was finger licking good!

Cows thank all the Vegans around the world for eating salads! lol.

Mankind was meant to eat meat. It’s natural.

Does anyone think that there were cavemen that were vegans? lol.
Cause they probably would have starved to death if they tried to be.