Grill that porterhouse to perfection

With economy roaring people are buying more beef then ever before.

This must disappoint animal rights/environmental weenies and libs in general.

With jobs, raising wages and booming economy is causing more beef consumption.

Sorry libs…I know you want American people buying/eating tofu using food stamps.


I love beef but wages are stagnant

Have you ever met a liberal?

Why would I want too?


Yum, tofu is delicious. Especially beef flavored tofu. Spicy tofu with pork from the local Chinese place is a feast if they make it spicy enough, but to get to that level of heat I have to tell them to “put me in the hospital.”

Yes. Why on earth would you want to broaden your horizons, learn something about at least one of the people you are always offering blanket condemnations of. Just like Trump, non inquisitive, loathe to all opinions but your own, willfully ignorant and blissfully so.


Why would I want to know/learn what libs have to say…this forum is full of em as it is.

Now go ahead and slap that piece of flesh on the grill…this is America after all.

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Beef is good but I prefer pig. Yum!

Being a labor day weekend. We celebrate workers of America. You know the ones that libs been trying to put out of work for last couple decades.

Does anyone complain as much around here as Conan? You’d figure he’d be happy.


I am not a big beef eater. When I do eat beef I prefer a hamburger.

My favorite ordinary dead animal is chicken, followed by pork then beef.

After that I don’t think I have eaten any living thing from a river, a lake, or the ocean that I didn’t like except for mussels. That dislike is due to how many one must eat to get a meal and they are just too damned rubbery.

Good to hear you praising the labor movement that Labor Day is all about - you know, unions and all that.


I just bought a Sous Vide this summer. I rarely had any problems achieving optimal temperature whenever i cooked chicken/pork/beef, as I use a digital thermometer to know precisely when to take the meat off the grill. However, with my Sous Vide everything is incredible on a scale unreachable by simply grilling.

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I had steak for lunch.

My most recent experiment is adding black garlic with the usual spices i use to flavor my steaks. It’s amazing.

I don’t understand. “Flavor my steaks”?

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I’ll occasionally eat a steak but I prefer chicken breast and seafood, mostly for health reasons.

You don’t at least salt and pepper your steaks for added flavor?

I went out into a field, wrestled a cow to the ground and chewed off a good portion of it’s hind leg while it moaned and cried for lunch.

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The only spices one should put on a steak are black pepper and kosher salt.

Although I have been experimenting with pan sauces.