Grill that porterhouse to perfection


I love my meats!!!


An occasional tenderloin ain’t gonna make you fat or die early. Additionally, consuming fat doesn’t make you fat. :smile:

I understand people not wanting to overdue it on the red meat and have no problem with that sentiment. There are a lot of things, particularly processed foods, that are much worse for you than one meal of tenderloin.


How often do you work out and how strict is your diet?


On that note, I have a side of beef (grass fed) arriving in a couple of weeks. Purchased two dozen male chicks that will be raised as capons.


Are you a bodybuilder?


I observe a paleo diet. I do not consume grains or legumes. Red meat a couple times a week, chicken and oily (non-white) fish often. A high quantity of vegetables, fruit in moderation, etc.

I am very active, outside every day even in the coldest days of winter. Hike or bike every day.

I consider myself fit and trim, no excess weight and I don’t exercise to excess.


Nope. Just a more efficient way of buying meat.

As for the capons, they are a delicacy for special meals.


I wasn’t calling you out, just asking.

Obviously, you’re very active, I applaud that. I am too, to a point that you would describe to excess. Most people aren’t active. That’s my point.


An example for what I mean by “to excess.” :smile:

I was done in Florida on a very rare summer visit some years back, staying at my sister’s. I was down there about 4 days. And this guy would come through jogging IN THE MIDDLE OF FLORIDA JULY at around noon to 2:00 pm!!! And my sister says that he is out EVERY day of the year in the middle of the day doing that. Not a young guy either, looked like late 40’s to early 50’s.

That is what I call, “to excess.” :smile:


The texture is in the muscle; the flavor is in the fat.


Beef (and pork) comes in slabs. Salmon comes in filets. :face_with_monocle:


It’s slab of salmon buddy…sound more manly the fillet of Salmon.


I’ve been filleting salmon for more than 60 years … I know of what I speak … salmon doesn’t come in slabs.

Slab makes it sound like a table in the morgue. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I slap the slab on grill it’s a slab buddy.


If you are going to be a cave man, why bother cooking it? :smile:


True. Sushi is good after it prepared properly. Even then I like searing it with blowtorch to bring out the oil.

Oil which gives it the flavor.


A real man doesn’t eat sushi, he eats raw fish! :sunglasses:


Only bears. :wink:


It takes a real REAL man to eat a raw bear. :wink:


I had a Big Mac for Breakfast!

_But if Corey booker and the Dem Dem’s take away our meat, _
I wonder how many fast food places would close down?

That would make millions of people mad! lol.