Great news! Biden agrees to debate!


Treasonous Joe…

When Trump mops the floor with him, the question is, will there be a second debate? That’s when I get a pizza. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Yes. Second debate is on September 10.

When Trump mops the floor with him the media and our left wing friends will all jump in there like banshees screeching Biden won, biden won, biden won. :roll_eyes:

Hoping to influence those who didn’t watch no doubt.

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the biden camp-pain was at one point suggesting that he might not debate.

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these are hosted by democrat media operatives so we already know how they will “turn out” besides Biden cried about having audience there knowing he’ll be laughed at like hillary was.


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Did biden participate in dimocrat primary debates this cycle??

No matter the outcome of the debate, each side will undoubtedly claim victory.

That happens every single time.

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They were saying on the radio this morning that this is another dementia thing.

The noise from an audience is distracting and they have a lot of trouble concentrating anyway.

Which means the Biden camp will probably get the questions in advance much like Hillary did in 2016.


Incumbent parties typically don’t have primary debates.

Incumbents don’t typically have challengers.

Yet here we are.

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What was the last presidential election without challengers to the incumbent from own party?

What challenger?

Two of them. They were there but they are always there. Don’t tell anybody though.

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That’s not correct.

Rocky De la Fuente


John Wolfe
Keith Russell Judd

So here were are?

Stop it.