Great news! Biden agrees to debate!

Trumps reply was:
“Let’s set it up.”
Hopefully they will get a date set soon.

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One of two things will happen. Either they will set it up in the next week or two or Biden will walk it back and start dodging.


Presidential debates aren’t like pay-per-view events. They are regulated by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Technically, debates are already scheduled for later this fall.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has scheduled three presidential debates for September and October in Texas, Virginia and Utah.

Trump, who refused to participate in the Republican primary debates, has posted on social media that he will debate Biden “anytime, anywhere anyplace” despite the Republican National Committee voting unanimously in 2022 to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates.

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April fools. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

So I get to watch a professional liar debate an old man who can barely form a coherent sentence.

Wow how exciting.


maybe Trump will ask Joe what time he thinks they will stop counting In the close swing states this year

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i know “trump’s afraid”. lol.

No, idea. But how does Trump accuse Biden of a crime out of one side of his mouth, while claiming he has complete presidential immunity out of the other?


Why didn’t he participate in the GOP primary debates?

because he didn’t have to

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The presidential debates are already scheduled.

Care to bet on who doesn’t show?

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Will it be because he’s stuck in a courtroom? That appears to be the Democrats strategy so far

how gloriously brave of them

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Biden was not the POTUS and broke our laws when he stole classified material. He had no right but Trump did. Now meditate on that.

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By september this trial will be over and the others likely won’t happen before the election day, so he should be good.

Care to bet?

only if Biden shows up to the courthouse per Trump‘s invitation

care to bet if he will?

Right. I forgot how broken and impotent the GOP is these days.

This has nothing to do with my statement. Trump is claiming Joe Biden is committing Election Interference now as President. According to Trump a president can’t commit a crime. Unless that only applies to him?

no you didnt

Maybe he would have won the nomination if he had.


Trump said anytime, anyplace.

The debates are already scheduled.

Care to bet who backs out of them?