Great news! Biden agrees to debate!

I will.

I’ll put up the the finest moonshine whiskey you’ve ever had. You put up one of the guitars you make in your wood shop.

Wow! High stakes!

I was thinking of more like a pizza…

Do you make moonshine?

i’m sure they will both show up and “debate”

I can guarantee you, however, what the outcome of the debate will be, Biden will look like an idiot as he always does and did. but the media will call him the winner and complain about how mean and nasty trump was.

I bet no one wants to wager that

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Well winner is subjective and Biden will look like an idiot and Trump will be mean and nasty.

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The best.

Don’t back out. You offered.

couldnt wait till the day after?

well, thanks for proving my point anyway

All of those who say that Biden will look like an idiot seem to forget the absolutely unhinged performance from Trump during their first debate in 2020.

Of anything Trump has only gotten more and more unhinged.

Also seem to forget that P01135809 is the only one of the two who has backed out of president debate in 2020

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Does Biden have to?

A right? :upside_down_face:. Amazing.

That’s awesome. My brother’s into home distilling - or moonshining - too…

No disrespect to your moonshine, but my guitars sell for $900-2,000. It’d have to be more moonshine than I could drink in my lifetime…

Happy to bet a pizza, and buy a pint of shine off you. There is no way Trump is going to debate IMO. And if you’re interested in a guitar, drop me a note.

If you’re so sure then it wouldn’t matter if your guitars sell for 100,000.

Now you’re doing what you’re so sure Trump is going to do.

If I was that sure, it wouldn’t be gambling, would it?

Would you like to bet a pizza?

What? You make guitars?

PM me a link…I love guitars…I own and play them.

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When it comes to lying, I don’t know if even Trump has anything on Biden?


Biden lies like a politician.

Trump lies like a guy from manhattan.

I’ll repeat:

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is he as far ahead of Trump as Trump was the other GOP candidates?

To his credit he’s been making guitars for years…posted lot of pictures over that period.


why did mr “top half of my class 3 academic scholarships outstanding political science student” wait so long to agree to a debate after mos of equivocating?