Great news! Biden agrees to debate!

democrats are cowards and divas and want everything catered to their liking and ease.

it’s prob some kind of setup anyway all they do is scheme.


…and that has NOTHING to do with my post except…you’re making excuses like a good l’il Brandonite.


Was this meant in jest?

Because if so it’s really funny

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If there isn’t an audience present, CNN can edit what ever it pleases…there are no witnesses. Does anybody think that this may be the basis? If there isn’t an audience, I see more censorship coming.

Do you think the weaponized FBI or CIA will cut CNN a check to do so?


Man…you are so far gone. It’s kind of sad.


He shouldn’t have agreed to it Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. At least even it out Jake Tapper and Harris Faulkner

I believe the weaponized boy scouts and girl scouts will be the key orgs that will affect the debate…

Those kids are realy clever.


Actually…I’ve noticed over the years, how many among us are blind to the reality around them and you’re right…it’s kind of sad. Let’s look at this example; do you believe CNN is the most neutral choice? If not, why not? Now think…


That is something nearly every conspiracy theorist claims…


Yep…at first it’s a “conspiracy” and later on, maybe even years down the road…when people like yourself can then see it…it becomes reality. This has happened many times thus far and my posts here since October of 2008…prove it. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

I am not aware of any of your conspiracy theories becoming settled fact.

Can you point some out?

December of 2016…I told the forum that I’m seeing the weaponization of our government institutions and that they’re being used to promote establishment, political narratives. Now that’s all over the current news but way back when, you called it a “conspiracy”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Yeah…that never happen. Trump makes those claims…The fringe RW makes those claims.

And you…

I made the claim after witnessing Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton…her not recusing herself but allowing the FBI Director to make the call whether Hillary would be indicted 3 days later. Comey listed the many laws she broke and then said she didn’t “intend” to do wrong. Then it came out later about Strozk told Page the FBI had a plan to keep Trump out of the WH. That December, I wrote it. The old forum was shut down and I rewrote it here in 2018…just reread the OP of my “Drip, drip, drip” thread. It’s all laid out so that even a blind man to reality can understand it. Now…say thank you Smyrna. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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poor Biden needs to sit down during debate. other diva requests too…

what vitality.

oh right dems you dont care about any of that

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