Great advice for dems on voter suppression

What happens if the legislature overturns a vote for “almost any reason”?

The bill that I linked to says nothing about corruption. It says that:
And it would spell out that lawmakers, by a simple majority, could revoke the formal certification of the election results and substitute their own decision at any time right up to the day a new president is inaugurated.

The Republicans want a law where for any reason they could overturn the majority of voters and install whoever they want to be state electors.

What happens if they do?

I can’t remember when we have had such a situation in this country. I would hope that those backing such a law would be voted out of office and the law be overturned. I would certainly hope that everything would remain peaceful. Like I said, I think that those who are going down this road are shooting themselves in the foot.

Twice, both in the 1800s. You’re getting ahead of the question. What happens during that election?

How do you envision the republicans “overturning” an election?

Well as the article points out, the bills that are being proposed could go as far as having a simple majority of the State Legislator’s proclaiming the election invalided and replace the State Elector’s with their own folks who would vote in their candidate of choice.

Can they? Does Congress not have recourse in the event?

I don’t know. In reading some articles about the formation of federal HB-1 and SB-1 it appears that the federal government is somewhat limited in what parts of state elections they can challenge.

If you don’t know, why are you outraged?

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I don’t get outraged at something that isn’t law. And even if it was, I would not be outraged if it was not abused.

And yet here were are. Jim Crow on steroids.

It is law in some places and will be in others soon.

Really? What “folks?” So far I have only heard politicians claim this. Typically people who cannot get to the polls during business hours vote absentee. Is that not why they have it?

Some of the folks that appeared in front of the State Legislators. I live just outside of Austin and there were a lot of reports on the local news. They showed multiple folks who appeared.

That’s not true. Disinformation.

The laws being passed to suppress voter turnout will not be accepted and will end up being counter-productive.

Did these same folks explain why they can’t vote absentee? That would appear to be an easy solution if they can’t make it to the polls when they are open.

I’m still waiting for one person to explain how they will be prevented from voting.

I saw a interview with a guy who lives in Waller. And when Abbott cut the drop off boxes to one per county the one for Harris county was at NRG Stadium. And that is about 50 miles from his home. And he said that with Houston traffic it took him 2 hours to get there.

Don’t skip this please.

Did these same folks explain why they can’t vote absentee? That would appear to be an easy solution if they can’t make it to the polls when they are open.

Gee, maybe you missed the part where Louis DeJoy was messing with the postal service and there were a lot of stories about how your absentee would not make it in time to be counted.