Great advice for dems on voter suppression

First. The dems are handling this poorly. What America is seeing, is a bunch of whining, blowhard politicians complaining about “voter suppression.” The problem? Nobody believes whining, blowhard politicians. So what to do? I have an idea. Sit down and shut up. Bring in actual voters and have them explain how voter laws will prevent them from voting in the next election. Let’s hear it from real people. Not the blowhards. If the blowhards have anything to say, let them explain how these laws will keep THEM from voting. They are subjected to the same laws ya know.

Brilliant idea. Right?

America doesn’t care. The laws being passed are about politicians not Americans

Like Russian collusion America didn’t care wonks did.

Because there is nothing to care about here? We can’t find a single person who will be prevented from voting?

The areguments that the laws are the new Jim Crow are stupid.

The fact that the laws wouldn’t be passed if the former president won speaks volumes.

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The fact that they cannot find a single person who will be prevented from voting speaks volumes as well. The blowhards rely on blanket assumptions. When it comes to specifics, they’re in trouble.

There’s not a single legal voter who will be prevented from voting.

Libs are concerned about losing illegal votes.

For me it’s not about the voting hours. That’s a red herring and the Dems are playing right into the GOP’s hands.

It’s about the changes that are going to make validating the elections in some of the states passing these laws much more partisan.

The intent of these laws, taken in aggregate, is to make it far more easy for GOP legislatures to challenge Democratic election wins.

You watch and see if I’m not right.


In 2008 and 2012 more Black women voted then any other group.

In 2020 about same percentage of Black women voted as White men

It’s a myth about voters suppression.

Can any lib here dispute this source?


Then your people should stop lying and saying it’s voter supression.

There is no voters suppression. Those that are saying it are repeating lies their masters told em.


It is voter suppression…just at a different level.

If it becomes super easy for a legislature to overturn the popular election results…they’ve just suppressed the votes of thousands and thousands of people.

THAT is the goal.

I mean making it harder to actually vote is an attempt at that as well…but as others have pointed out, that will be worked around.

The real prize is the ability to suppress tens of thousands of votes in one go.

But yeah I’ll get “my people” on your ask right away.



If anything libs are attempting to repress White Male votes while keeping White female voters.

Still waiting on “some” lib to step forward and dispute my source.

Yep…white males have it so rough…


Blows holes through libs cockamamie theory about voters suppression.

Who is saying they won’t be able to vote? And why? For most lawsuits you need a plaintiff to make a case, not a blowhard politician.

Name please.

Some do, some don’t. Just like anybody else. We all can go as far as our drive and talent takes us.


Here in Texas they opened the floor to the public to speak about the new voting laws. And the folks turned out by the hundreds. And the majority spoke in detail how the new laws would adversely affect them. And it didn’t make a damn bit of difference. I have been seeing this since Trump was POTUS. The Republicans just don’t care about what their constituents want. There have been polls on various issues where over 70% are for or against a measure and the Republicans vote the way the minority goes.

Actually no it doesn’t.

If the legislature sets the bar to overturn a popular election so low that they can do it for almost any reason…does it really matter that people turned out and actually voted?

Come on dude…stop playing dumb.