Great advice for dems on voter suppression

What was the best example of how their votes would be suppressed? Do you have any of that “detail?”

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Is that all you have? I expected better.

The main complaints were taking away drive-thru voting. And taking away ballot drop boxes only leaving one per county (In Harris County where Houston is some folks have to drive 4 hours round trip to drop off a ballot). And there were also complaints about doing away with 24 hour voting. Some folks said that the revised voting hours would affect them because the polls would only be open when they were working.

Damn, they must have ID’s. I’ll bet they know how to use the internet and everything! :thinking:


I’ve outlined what I’m talking about above.

The danger isn’t the attempts to make it harder for non-GOP voters to vote on the day.

The danger are the rules that make it easier for GOP-controlled legislatures to challenge and then overturn popular elections.

THAT was the chief prize sought by the GOP with these laws…the other stuff was a red herring.

Yes…I’m wondering what changed since 2012. When the largest voters turnout was Black Women.

I’m guessing they lost their ID.

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And what gets me is that some Republicans seem to be totally ignorant to the fact that if they really try to reverse a election the voters will go ape ■■■■■ They are trying to make Republican seats bullet proof. But I think that they are really shooting themselves in the foot.

Imported voters.


Oh so there isn’t any voters suppression…it’s all about making it easier to cheat the system.

So stop talking about voters suppression and talk about what libs really want.

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How does citing metrics from years before the new voting laws were enacted providing evidence that said laws aren’t attempting voter suppression of non-GOP constituents?

The laws were passed this year.

How is voting data from years prior to this year in any ways relevant?

They are potentially relevant in another way…as data fueling an attempt by the GOP to reverse that trend of white men being outvoted by other demographics.

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This threads is about voters suppression. There is no voters suppression.

Laws are for election integrity…something that libs seems to have a problem with, not to mention a minority.

It changing the lie that libs been pushing for last decade.

The voter suppression charges are about the laws THAT JUST WERE PASSED.

So data about voting patterns from years before the laws were passed is IRRELEVANT.

Except, of course, as possible motivation for why the GOP is passing the laws it’s passing.

No they’re not. It’s a lie that has been fed to the left.

That their isn’t any voters suppression? If that’s the case why do libs keep bring it up?

Bottom line the left wants to skirt around voters and make it difficult to root out corruption…why?

So what the hell is this?

I am pretty sure you understand what I am saying, but on the off chance you don’t…

  1. Democrats are saying the laws passed in 2021 are for suppressing votes of likely Democratic voters. You obviously disagree and that’s fine….however…

  2. The laws were JUST PASSED. We haven’t had an election under these new laws yet. Therefore…

  3. Voter data from 2012 and 2020 cannot be used as evidence that the 2021 voter laws won’t suppress votes. This data is NOT evidence.

Do you get it now?

What 2012 and 2020 voter data COULD be used for is to say GOP legislators saw those trends and went “Crap our constituency is shrinking. What laws can we pass in 2021 to halt that slide?”

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If they find corruption should they not be allowed to overturn it? Or do you want that corruption to stand?


I understand very well. Not it’s not voters suppression no matter how many times you claim it to be.

You notice they refuse to talk about what they really want. They want to flood the system with fraud to make it impossible to sort out the true outcome.

Ding Ding Ding Give that man a ceeegar! :+1:

In fact they did a pretty good job of that in 2020. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Up till then elections were pretty much on the up and up. There was some controversy concerning chicago votes in 1960 but that pales in comparisan to 2020.