Government Welfare

Cut out the rest of my post because it is easier to blame food stamps than understand that White People have benefitted greatly from Government largess while excluding minorities.

Being able to complain about welfare while being in a group that benefitted the most from it.


What good is being able to get money through the GI Bill if a university won’t allow minorities to go there?

But yeah… food stamps are the problem.

People are also forgetting that no-fault divorce laws started going into effect in 1970.

Yes, a large percentage of black children are born outside wedlock.

But can anyone show a link that welfare recipients are strictly from single parent households?

I just got done paying for my groceries behind a family with a state EBT card, and two in the family of three were adult men. And they weren’t black.

What was the Federal Welfare Act Of 1965 that Lyndon Johnson signed. Are you aware the “welfare” is a program administered by the States that existed well before 1965.

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Because Barry O So loved the poor, he made millions more.

What exactly did President Obama do that created poor people? He inherited the worst recession since the Great Depression from the Bush Administration and in his third year the country started on a long run of job creation that has continued during the first two years of the Trump Administration, though at a slower pace than in the last two years of the Obama Administration.

Here are some actual welfare statistics:

They tend to debunk the stereotype of baby momma with several different daddies.

While married, two parent households were in the minority of welfare recipients, between 14 & 15% of households receiving benefits > 0. So much for the theory that dad can’t be on the premesis for the family to get benefits.

The vast majority of recipients get assisted by food stamps in particular on a temporary basis. It also appears the majority did not complete high school or G E D. Can anyone show me information about the long deceased LBJ mentioned by the O P encouraging anyone to drop out of school?

If foodstamps leads to fatherless households…

What percentage of white households on welfare are farherless? If welfaee is to blame, then that number should be over 60% as well, correct?


Nobody made that claim.

Ya bur white people aren’t black so something something

“70% of black households had fathers before LBJ signed the Welfare Act.”

That’s from the first sentence of the O P.

Welfare benefits forced these husbands and fathers out the door? I don’t think so, as, per the Credit Donkey link, between 14 and 15% of welfare recipients are part of married households.

What Universities in the last say 15 years will not let a minority in if they qualify?

Please and thank you.

I am not talking about the last fifteen years and to say something like that is completely missing my point.

Yes. Legally, that is exactly what it is.

It didn’t force Mitt Romney’s dad out the door when he collected welfare.

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Do you disagree with that fact?

That’s not what the OP says. Nor what Moynian predicted. Nor what I have said.

I can never keep track.

Is today a day libs think “whataboutism” is a bad thing, or is it a good thing today?

Reread the first sentence of the O P.

How does he figure that?

They were married, dutiful dads, then Johnson signed the ‘Great Society’ programs into existence, and POOF! They were gone?!

The Credit Donkey link shows a majority of welfare recipients lack even a high school diploma. Was that Johnson & his amazing signature, too?

IMO More babies being born into unwed households is more complicated than the ‘Great Society’. Terms like ‘baby mommy’ & ‘baby daddy’ weren’t even in existence during his administration, much less was it considered socially acceptable to keep a baby born outside wedlock. As another has pointed out, incarceration is a factor in dad not being present in many black American households.

And no, I don’t dispute the figure of 70% of black babies being born & raised by unwed mothers. I just think it’s more complicated than the availability of welfare.

Here’s an actual percentage of welfare used to buy drugs and the like:

POOF … :roll_eyes:

Fifty years later we have the statistics we do.

I addressed that early on.

Of course it is. Nobody is saying absolutes here. But your reply is sown with absolutes. Those are therefore your strawmen. Now spend the next dozen replies beating up those strawmen.