Government Welfare

70% of black households had fathers before LBJ signed the welfare act in 1965 I think it was, after that, 70% of black households had no fathers, Government Welfare replaced dads in a lot of households, mine was one of them, I grew up on Gov. canned meat n cheese, powdered milk.
years later the gov. started passing out a lot of cash n stamps you could buy reg. food.
When I lived on the reservation we got boxes of food once a month. I think we need to go back to Gov. food n stop passing out all this cash to people that are really using it for drugs etc.
a very small minority uses it as it should be used.
This(welfare) was/is just another tool the Democrats used to bring ruin to this country, and keep black n poor people in their pockets. shame shame.
What do you think, boxes of food or all this cash we give away, after all, it is YOUR MONEY?!

Tell me more on how you know the dynamics of the black communty… Also more white people are on welfare than black people


Because Barry O So loved the poor, he made millions more.
there’s 230 million white people in America n just 39 million Black people, of course there’s more white people, But , with race difference like that, the ratio would say that there’s more black people on Welfare then whites.

Go back to Gov. boxed food n no cash and we’ll see how fast people leave this country on their own, not to mention, they’ll get a job

Daniel Moynihan took a ton of heat from his fellow liberals for predicting this when LBJ’s initiative was implemented. Now liberals will give you a lot of heat for pointing out the results.

One of the biggest drivers of poverty in our society is the absence of a father in the household. It’s also one of the biggest drivers for a host of social ills that befall the children – crime, drug use, teen pregnancy, school dropout rates, suicide, among others. And those ills serve to drive the fatherless household statistics to even more perilous levels.

It’s not just a black issue, of course. But it’s highly concentrated statistically in the black demographic.

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You’re a smart person, Bless you for your truths and may my Father be with you always

Satan is with all of us

So its obamas fault…lolol next you are going to tell me that affirmative action only benefitted black people

The Democrats are at fault, and yes, Barry O so loved the poor he made millions more, destabilized the world and got 1000s of women n children brutally murdered FACT

I do find it funny that the people who decry welfare and it’s effects in minorities rarely discuss the history of Government guaranteed housing loans… or welfare for white people in the mid 20th century.


So you cry about poor people and welfare but ignore big pharm, big farm and big oil handouts…

Jesse Jackson even praised Obama for having more recipients on food stamps than ever:

“It’s an honor to be a food stamp president…”

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But I’m not going to go as far as saying it’s only a Democrat problem.

This flourishes under any and every administration.

And look at the outcry (bipartisan outcry!) when a president tries to dial it back. (Trump.)

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Show me where trump dialed back government hand outs to big farm

You do realize that Jackson was praising the President for protecting a social safety net during a massive economic meltdown?


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Nice whataboutisms!

Note that the thread was started to focus on the impact of welfare on families – especially the rise in fatherless homes.

The counter-examples don’t do that.

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Dude welfare doesnt even scratch the surface on how much coin we give to big companies… For heavens sake amazon paid no taxes on 14 billion dollars in revenue

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Not whataboutism at all.

I am talking about welfare’s impact on families.

It seems that some types of welfare are deemed acceptable while other forms are not.

Let’s talk about the lack of access… heck lack of access is too nice… let’s talk about the racist exclusion from a form of welfare in the form of Government guaranteed housing loans that built the white middle class in the mid 20th century. No one complains about that welfare… well not the people who benefitted from it anyway.

Killing for Jesus


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