Government Welfare

Libs say that about all their whatabourtisms.

The remainder of your post is just an attempt to defend yours.

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Definitely must have been welfare that replaced black dads in homes rather than the War on Drugs that disproportionately put black males in jail.


Definitely not an either-or equation.

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Can you click on any of those states and show me where fatherless household is a requirement?

Have you got a link to show the percentage of black households (or any minority) receiving various public assistance programs? Most of the entitlement minded welfare recipients I know are white.

IMO Make it clear when applying for food stamps that this assistance is good only for foods from the basic four groups and only for the individuals on the application. Should parents increase the size of their families, benefits won’t increase & termination dates won’t be delayed.

Black people migrate into urban areas because being a cog in an industrial machine is an improvement over their subhuman status in the rural south.

Suburbanization happens, black people are barred from moving into suburban levittowns which are booming with white buyers who have pockets full of government cheese. American industry moves and retools to serve a suburban national market. For those of you who hate globalization for hurting American jobs, suburbanization did it first to inner city jobs.

What follows is 40 years of the urban dwelling lower class trying to claw its way up the sides of a slippey lubricated bowl. It’s a steeper grade than the bowl that traps poor whites in the Appalachia belt.

Americans in 2019: “All these people are stuck in the ghetto because the government helps them buy cereal every week. We should take that away. It makes them weak.”


Here are some white women with an entitlement mentality:

My Pweshus is entitled to a college education.:roll_eyes:. What ever happened to cracking the books and playing a sport, or participating in other extracurricular clubs, activities?

In one case we have a policy that actually removes males from the home and in the other case we have an example that puts food on the table. Yet, we have a thread that blames the latter. How odd.


sigh…Yeshua wept.
This thread is such bull crap. However…par for the course for this board. YLBD, you don’t know a damn thing about the black community. I suggest stop posting on it.


He posted the numbers.

If you have different numbers regarding the same statistics, they’ll only be worse.

In threads where such statistics are mentioned, the common reaction is to seek silence on them by asserting the person posting them doesn’t know a damn things about the black community.

It’s about time that the black community considers a change in direction on such statistics rather than just trying to get others to shut up about them. Because the trajectory is only getting worse.

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Apples and oranges.

And you’ll need to demonstrate that the black males going to prison would otherwise be in those homes to begin with. Certainly SOME would be, of course. There is always SOME of anything out there.

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You really need to broaden your sources of information. There’s no evidence that drug use is even as high among recipients of AFDC-type assistance as it is among the general population, let alone higher.

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The black community is monolithic?

Whether its members are U S or Caribbean or African born?

I don’t see them that way any more than I see white peoples as monolithic.

There are some who don’t feel themselves entitled to a handout, and others whose hands are perpetually outstretched.

It’s doubtful many African immigrant populations are in the disadvantaged welfare population the O P has in mind.

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The complaint is about welfare. I brought forth a massively popular welfare program that built the white middle class and excluded minorities. I pointed out that no one complains about that welfare.

That is not whataboutism. That is pointing out that people who have benefitted massively from a government welfare program look rather silly saying that government welfare destroys families.

Oh just stop it.

Statistics. That’s all the OP offered, and all I’ve addressed.

70% leaves plenty of wiggle room for people to make excuses if they have to.

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Great. Go argue that with someone interested in arguing about it with your whatabout.

So far nobody has stepped forward here with interest in it.

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Oh… there has been plenty of responses along the line that I have been typing out. It jsut wants to be ignored for some reason.

Maybe it makes the issue a little more ambiguous and harder to take a hard line on?

They’re all more whatabouts, as I have already noted.

70% fatherless black households. Corporate welfare doesn’t cause (or even contribute to) that.

This was predicted back in the 1960s. People poo-poo’d it then. People here seem to want to poo-poo it now.

You see that is the point that we are trying to make. In the 1950’s and 60’s white people were benefitting greatly from government welfare that excluded black people. It allowed for massive gains in the white middle class all the while excluding that wealth to minorities based on racism.

There is a lot of history in this country that shows that exclusion to capital and wealth building is a huge cause of the racial wealth disparity and this goes back to the late 1800’s when President Johnson killed the Freedman’s Bureau but kept around the Freedman’s Bank which couldn’t offer loans so what good is it as a bank? It didn’t matter though… the $1.5 Billion of black people’s wealth got destroyed by the bank presidents.

So… I posit to you that the historical hinderances that have been established by the government of the United States to grow and build real capital and wealth among minorities… the same hinderances that have not been imposed on white people… has more to do than food stamps with why black fathers are seen as absent


The massive disintegration of the black family coincided with LBJ’s welfare program. Moynihan predicted his. His lib colleagues trashed him for it.

Now we have it.

Big pharma and big farm and all the rest are whatabouts.

It’s not complicated. You just want it to be complicated.