Good News? 07/02

So we do our monthly thread. The report is below. I haven’t had a chance to look at it so I just know headline numbers. Sounds good but had to read it.

In all honesty, I don’t know how to interpret COVID BLS reports. Seriously. I don’t know.

It’s a good start, no doubt about it.

Many on the left are gonna be pissed… or trying another one of their “that’s been debunked” trickeroonies.

At this rate Trump will create as many jobs in 4 months as Obama did in 8 years.

2.7 which was revised to 2.8 month of May and 4.8 last month…that’s 7.6 million jobs in 2 months.

Yeah looks good, but I’m kind of used to looking at certain sectors and wage growth and COVID has thrown all that ■■■■ out the window. So wages down 35 cents. But not really right? And I get job corrections of April numbers that are down by 100,000 to 20.8 million losses. Numbers unfathomable four months ago. So gains are recovering barely part of what was lost. And I don’t know if we should be gaining more. It’s uncharted territory. For me at least.

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No one could possibly be that simple.


Should probably look at net gain if you don’t want to sound disingenuous.

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Oh now libs want net gain…

That’s the spirit! Looking at the bright side and all!


Who you calling a lib, lib?

Like this guy:

“Nobody has jobs. … It is not a real economy. It is a phony set of numbers. They cooked the books.”

“The numbers are phony. These are all phony numbers. Numbers given to politicians to look good. These are phony numbers.”

“The unemployment number, as you know, is totally fiction.”

Can you guess who said these things?


If you’re going to credit him for job gains then you also have to do the same for the losses meaning using your logic Trump destroyed 30 million jobs in 2 months. More than any president in modern history


Just because you don’t support an rich, coastal elite politican unconditionally doesn’t mean that others can’t.


Oh…it’s nothing to get pissed about, but I will say this. Wear a Mask…or the gains will get turned into losses real quickly. If you have to go into a work place, every employer should have a mandatory mask policy.

If they do not it is setting them up for liability of unknown consequences.

Great Recession’s Jobs Deficit Much Deeper Than in Previous Recessions. … Progress erasing the jobs deficit was slow for some time, but by mid-2014 the economy had recovered the 8.7 million jobs lost between the start of the recession in December 2007 and early 2010 and continued to add jobs thereafter.

This is how long it taken Obama to regain the lost jobs.

Add that to …“whats the real unemployment number” “People are underemployed” “Many have stopped looking”…That we heard from CEC for 8 years.

Don’t be ridiculous…this isn’t job creation, this is people going back to jobs they were laid off from due to COVID 19. These are not newly created jobs…these are employers saying to their employees come back to your job.


Are the cons in this thread counting people going back to work after the COVID lay off as jobs created???

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Beat me to it…