God and the Devil


The fact that you dont finish that question the same way you started it says something, for what its worth.


That’s precisely the discussion. Mans relationship with God, his loving nature, and the degree to which an all loving God allows suffering in man (including suffering beyond mans control)


Isaiah 45:7-8, perhaps? That is an interesting passage and an interesting study. The Bible states that God is the author of creation–both darkness and light; both good and evil.

One of the studies brought in God hardening Pharaoh’s heart and the issue of free will. God not only brought light to the world, He brought light into the minds and hearts of human beings. That same light which can harden and crack clay, can also melt wax. Likewise, the same light that God gave to illuminate the minds and hearts of humans can harden the heart of a Pharaoh, or melt the heart of a King (David for example).


So not only is it super difficult to divine (pun intended) the true meaning of Gods word, He made some of us suffer needlessly to boot.

Not the kind of God I would worship.


But it is not, as you say, “super difficult”. These things have been discussed for hundreds, probably thousands of years. Written commentaries survive as well, some as far back as the middle ages. Jews can point out that the wording in Isaiah echoes wording in Genesis and other Biblical books.

Your limited investigation can only result in a limited understanding. As I’ve said before: You have created your own idea of God. And that idea of yours is not a God anyone would worship, so you are not alone there.

It is only a guess, but it seems your hatred of God is personal, not a clinical detachment.


It’s been discussed for 1000s of years and we still have 100 religions each with a bunch if denominations, sometimes at war with each other, and with generations growing less a d less religious. You have a limited understanding of many other religions - probably almost zero understanding in some. Your posts show you are running out of your ability to spin answers to the hard questions, and now just resort to statements of authority and psycho analysis of “hatred” of God by those who ask hard questions. Pretty arrogant if you ask me!


Damn right it is super difficult to understand religion. Because none of it makes sense and is full of spaghetti thoughts twisting and turning to rationalize every inconsistency and pothole in its fictional mythology.


Then he is responsible.

/end thread


You just spent the whole thread practically saying you need years of Hebrew studies to understand it. Now it’s not difficult cause it’s been hashed out for 1000s of years? 1000s of years?! Sounds pretty difficult. I could probably learn calculus in 3 years.


Ask God. Nobody here knows the mind of God. I am guessing that this is not a genuine question. It’s more of a pro atheist statement. Am I right? Which is fine. To each his own.


Ya that’s the common retort. None of our beliefs make any sense so we’ll just shrug our shoulders instead of admitting they make no sense, even if the answer has major implications on your theology.


Do you agree that it’s a good question? And you’re answer to it is “I dont know”?


It’s not a retort. It’s a constitutional right to believe what you please or to believe nothing at all. No need to shrug your shoulders. It’s your right not to believe and my right to believe. It doesn’t need to make sense to you. It only has to make sense to the individual believer. It’s a personal decision that should have little impact on anyone else. Let it go and live your life the way you see fit.


Sky is blue thanks


I’ll assume your response to @AZslim wasnt a genuine response


Anything I can do to help. And it’s great to be appreciated. I never get tired of it.


If the moon was made if cheese…




Because he made some silly rule that we need to experience deadly volcanoes, childhood leukemia, polio, and tornados first so that we arent puppets in heaven. Or something like that


Religious people and scholars endlessly debate passages of the Bible. You example shoed how some people interpret them word of God differently.

How can I hate something I don’t believe exists?