God and the Devil

If God is more powerful than the Devil and he can see into the future, why doesn’t He just kill him?

The Devil is part of God’s plan. You wouldn’t understand.

Nothing makes sense in fairy tails when you think about it

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Why does He make other parts of plan understandable to some people?

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His choices are inscrutable.

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Is it possible for someone who is love and goodness to kill?

Mercy killing, like when you put your pet down because it’s suffering.

God invented death. God created the potential for sin. If death and sin doesnt exist in heaven then God is directly responsible for the environments and beings he created. Funny how such a powerful and all knowing figure isnt responsible for anything

The soldiers who killed Nazis.


God did it several times.

The Flood
Destroying Sodom and Gommorah
The Plagues
Striking down Uzzah
Killing Ananias and Sapphira

Shall I continue?

But those were just fairy tails, err allegory

see the devil kiss the hand of God
see the devil crying tears of flame
see the devil bite the hand of Christ
and know the devil is the work of God.

Does the devil have a body then, that can be killed in a flood? Isn’t the devil pure spirit? Can you also list spirits that God has been known to kill?

So then you agree that God killed? Why are you dodging JayJay’s post? Is the new argument that the devil cant be killed?

I answered the question you asked.

We’ll discuss this new subject when you acknowledge the first discussion.

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The devil is spirit therefore the devil is eternal

Sorry, the dodge was on your part. We were discussing the devil. Someone asked why God just didn’t kill him. I responded that would an all good and loving being kill. Everything on this earth dies. Therefore the argument is made that God “kills” everything He puts on this earth. No. What is of the earth remains on the earth. The spirit (which lives) returns to God.

He answered your question…the flood is a good example.

Happy you think so. But we are on two different trains of thought. I am focused on spirit whereas the other poster is focused on the body.

No…you asked a question.

I answered it.

Everything since is you “redefining what you meant” about the question you asked.

If you meant to discuss whether the devil could be killed, you could have started with that discussion.