God and the Devil


I’m discussing explicitly what Meri is claiming. Settle down there buddha


You’ve got atheists all figured out dont you.


I see you cant talk about your beliefs, but rather attack those who ask questions. Hide behind you’re vague word salad all you want. Anyone can string together vague/generic “spiritual” words that have no meaning beyond some poetic aesthetic.


Ironic. You know with your big cry about everyone not using Buddhist terminology


Word games. Primitive beliefs. Ancient poems


Try sitting or kneeling and shutting off that unruly mind in prayer and meditation.

You dont want to be one of those ancient poems like Ovid


A lot of atheists meditate. What does that have to do with why the Christian description of God allows such suffering


That is the very last thing you are doing–which is why I don’t respond to your posts. Whoever you think you are conversing with, whatever you think you are discussing, it isn’t me or what I am presenting. Perhaps one day you will be able to make your way past whatever it is that is haunting you. But until then you are wasting everyone’s time by responding to anything I post.


Of course I am. You are rationalizing an all loving God creating a world full of suffering with free will and saying we would be puppets otherwise. So I responded with a question about the nature of heaven with the same parameters.


I disagree. I’m asking questions about what you say. Not to you. I think they are good questions. Hard questions. I’m sorry that you are not open to answering them and discussing them with me.


Does a 4 year old child need to suffer and die from leukemia to “learn how to love”? I can think of a better lesson plan. Maybe one where 50% of the Earths population doesnt die from a plague. Maybe you’re life is fine and dandy, but theres an incredible amount of suffering in this world, that serves no purpose. If God wants to teach us lessons, he’s sure doing it in a very sick and unfair way.


Sounds like something Jesus would say


Almost there. God created the world and the universe and designed it to run a certain way. We “collectively” choose not to run things the way they were designed to run and then wonder why we have the problems we do. It must be God’s fault because he made the world to run the way he did and not they way we want it to run. He should have known we would just do things the way we wanted and not the way he wanted so its all his fault for not making it another way.


What about things that are out of our control though? Not all suffering is by choice. Cancer, natural disaster, disease, aging, etc.

Also God is said to have intervened anyway 2000 years ago to save us. Yet, didnt intervene in say, the black plague or holocaust.


I just got a 20% raise, my family is doing well, and I’m having a lot more free time now after getting out of school. I’m doing great, thanks! The only thing haunting me right now is Fallout76


Per the words of the Bible, God knew that all of that was going to happen, as he knew all about each of us from the moment he created us, and also knew (at least allegedly) all he was going to create. Remember, for lack of a better way of saying it, all that is playing out for us is already known to Him. All that having been said, the question then becomes this…if He knew exactly what was going to happen and didnt intervene when he could have, how is He not culpable for all the bad things that go on in the world. You cant have it both ways…He cant solely be responsible for the good things that happen and have nothing to do with the bad.

As you said to someone else…almost. The problem is that by all accounts HE made the world the way HE wanted it…including OUR free will, which HE allegedly already knows anyway. It has nothing to do with us, as HE already knows the outcome of that which HE created. For all intents and purposes, God is merely watching His creation play out. Problem for believers when it comes to this is that it means there is no way to exonerate God from the bad things He doesnt intervene on. That is an issue for them.

Correction…He DID know we were gonna do the things we do. Thats the whole point. He knew each of us from the very beginning (at least allegedly), and as such, He knew there were going to be some bad seeds and allowed them to exist anyway (remember, He didnt HAVE to create them, right?) and bring death and destruction to His creation. That is COMPLETLEY on Him.


The intervention was in what God thought was most important, man’s relationship with God.


Did you pre-order? This kind of snuck up on me.


The thing is I don’t say he has nothing to do with the bad. I know this puts me at odds with many a Christian. I fall into the " What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?"


Haha I did but I’m kind of a fanboy. Cant say I’m too enthused but I’ll play it with an open mind