GM Slashing Nearly 15,000 Jobs; Close Up to 5 Factories


almost 3,000 jobs in Canada bad day.


^^^ This!

I have seen it already on Facebook.


Good news if you have GM stock however!


Honestly I would rather the Canadian plant close then throw more money at GM, we should invest money in retaining factory workers for new careers.


Trump is cool, that’s why. Duh.


Some nice pretty graphs to put things in visual terms:


Won’t matter if they subsidize the automakers!


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There is always a tweet…




Almost all small cars sales are down, Donny Doofus.


The majority of Americans are such idiots.

I really wish I could still be here when the machines reach the point that they decide they need to get rid of us.


I’m still amazed that anyone even buys American cars. Junk.


Don’t worry, the government will make GM do the right thing.


What does he think he is going to do?


That is the authoritarian dictator that Trumpists love to see. A man wanting to use the government to enforce its will upon the free market. Be proud Trumpists, be very proud.


Up until yesterday Trump thought Chevy Cruz was the heads groundskeeper at Mar-a-lago.


That’s a ■■■■■■■ laugh since that’s exactly what Obama and the Dems did with Obamacare.


Be proud! You support the same behavior as what you admonished in Obama. Congratulations!!!


Actually republicans insist on that nonsense. Medicare for all is what Dems and Obama would have done without the ■■■■■■■■ from the right insistence on protecting the worthless insurance companies.