GM Slashing Nearly 15,000 Jobs; Close Up to 5 Factories


So are you now ashamed for being a Obama sycophant?


Now I know you’ve been around long enough to know NF was never a “Obama sycophant”.



You keep being you champ.


GM Will build the neo Volkswagen…or else!

Most ignorant president ever.



So let me get this straight. A major corporation is restructuring in order to be more competitive. Isn’t that what happens on a regular basis in a free Market capitalist society?



You should inform trump. Maybe you could be one of his advisers. Vacancies are always opening up.




Welcome to the 3rd Obama term!


Exactly what Trump said… oh wait…


Operating in reality is something Trump supporters just can’t do. So that’s why we see statements like that.


GM is the worst, too. Their vehicles don’t just fall apart, they fly apart. They should have been able to die the rightful death they deserved in 2009.


Not true.

GM is solid these days, and was always ahead of the other US Autos. Ford and Chrysler have always been ■■■■ and give American autos a bad rap.


And to expand, GM has always had some of the very best V6 and V8 platforms, great and reliable engines. It was only fit and finish that was lacking during some periods, which they have improved in greatly.


Sorry. My personal experience with multiple GM products over three decades (including my current work vehicle) runs in great contrast to that report. And to be honest, I’m not that interested in a report dealing with just 2018 models. I’m more interested in long term longevity, and GM doesn’t really fare well in that category, at least in my experience.


well no trump supporters are responding to this

but i used to be one

before i came to this forum

and i think what i would do if i was still supporting him

and not an unrestricted free agent

is that i would ignore news like this

until it went away

if im being honest


Not surprised. Typical stupid.


He thinks his bullying tactics work.

He’s so good that he bullied Congress into repealing and replacing ObamaCare…

Wait, he didn’t.


No no. See, Obama is a Marxist socialist who hates America. Therefore, his actions are inexcusable.

Trump, on the other hand, wears flag themed underpants, hugs kittens, and eat s buckets of freedom fries. His patriotism soars, and his actions are a-ok! USA! USA!


Honesty is refreshing.

Can you take a tour of the white House and sprinkle some there?


I’m not sure if that would be a good idea. The Oval Office might consider it a terrorist incident…