GM Slashing Nearly 15,000 Jobs; Close Up to 5 Factories


Patiently waiting for a Trump supporter to explain why this is actually a good thing.


I think we are seeing mostly “car” plants closing.

In North American, GM and Ford are “truck” companies.




In other news…Mercedes is building light TRUCKS in South Carolina.

Thanks Merc.


Wait until gas prices go up again. People will be looking for smaller cars again.


Wow. And he is seriously considering running against the President.



So, he wants to run for president? He ain’t getting my vote.


Thank you Mr. President!

I think we’re tired of all the winning now…


Maybe they should ask again today:


I’ve already heard people blaming the Dems for everything that goes wrong (stock market, housing prices, etc…). And they’re not even in power in the house yet.


How could anyone have guessed that going to war with so many countries would be bad?


Trump needs to have a MAGA rally there so he can brag about how he is winning for them!


I’m unclear on how layoffs square with full employment. That would suggest that they could just turn around overnight and find new jobs right?


Well not at McDonalds et al.

But one might think it is as simple as you asked.

But it isn’t.


Yep, steel tariffs are an Obama legacy. 2016. Read all about it.

The decline began as the Obama administration passed a slew of import tariffs on steel from China, claiming that overcapacity was allowing the country to dump the metal in the U.S.


I expect that will be the Trump spin then: Trump has actually freed these 15,000 workers and allowed them the opportunity to find even better jobs. Bravo!


That is an interesting question. If we are at full employment, why are there layoffs? Isn’t there a labor shortage?


Because thanks to cafe standards, we dive mostly trucks not passenger cars… The govt ruined the passenger car, and really hit it hard under Obama.


He wasnt wrong…they just dont pay that well…10 11 12 an hour for ■■■■ jobs that make you work twice as hard.


March of next year