Giuliani Says Trump Repaid Cohen

Conan, leave Hillary and Obama out if my question…Do you believe Trump’s government is corrupt?

What has he done that was corrupt.

paid a escort with campaign funds.

Proof lib?

What the hell did Rudy just do? On live TV? How does this keep happening to them? On hannity’s show, once again.

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What proof do you that Mueller wanted to be director of the FBI.

Better Stormy than me.

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Holy ■■■■ Rudy. You’re drunk.

How many cabinet members are under investigation for ethics violations?

I canceled Cartoon Network and replaced it with “Posts by Conan”.


Rudy is gone by Friday.

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they already sleep in separate bedroom the divorce can’t be far off.

Mueller definitely interviewed. Whether he was “rejected” before he was appointed special prosecutor seems pretty doubtful to me. Trump isn’t the kind of guy that has the courage to deliver any sort of bad news to anyone. Just look at how he fires people. It doesn’t make sense.

That’s not going to stop Conan from believing it though.

i wonder if melania will testify against trump at his trial?

I say tomorrow.

scaramucci nervously glances at his shortest tenure trophy and his watch


Stormy’s lawyer is going to have a party tonight.

What did Guiliani say about firing Comey? Was it the old story? The other story? The other one? Or the new story?


■■■■■■■■. Trump has already lied more than Obama did in eight years.

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I could be wrong but I don’t believe Giuliani is going anywhere. I’m sure Trump knew all about the interview with Hannity tonight and gave Giuliani the go ahead to spill the beans on the payment. Trump is the Deceptor-In-Chief and trying to distract from either something else or maybe distract from some other big news about to come out! Time will tell…