Giuliani Says Trump Repaid Cohen

I just want everyone here to know that it’s nights like this that I can take some pleasure in the hellscape that is Trump’s America. Stormy skies ahead!

Rudy 2020!

Fox News front page completely ignored this story. Loooooool!!!

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No worries, folks! Rudy says it will all turn out that this was completely legal.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along, move along.

Just a completely legal hush money payment denied by the President to his porn star mistress that was, ooops, actually paid by the President.

Keep on moving. It’s something you see virtually every day. No need to dawdle or gawk.

Trump put 66 millions of his own money into his Campaign.

Even if he took 130,000 back out of the 66,000,000 that he put in, its kind of silly to say it was campaign money and not his money (don’t know why he would have done it that way, though.

Why would you think the state run media of Trumpland speak ill of their messiah? ^ insert sarcasm here!!!

That doesn’t matter still illegal.


Fox news literally gets an exclusive. The first on this. One of their guys gets it on his show. And nothing. Not a word. Not a peep.

They can’t even pretend at being news.

Frankly, these little things aren’t the big news you all like to pretend.

"He (Giuliani) added that Trump’s overtures toward the Koreas are “much more significant than this garbage investigation.”

Your proof it was campaign funds and not personal funds?

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If it was his personal funds, paying his personal lawyer for a fee paid for something well before the campaign that was personal.

How is that illegal?

He did that after a week.

The payment and hush agreement occurred in October 2016. Not exactly “well before” the campaign.

"Giuliani, who joined Trump’s legal team last month, said the president had repaid Cohen over several months, indicating the payments continued through at least the presidential transition, if not into his presidency. He also said the payment “is going to turn out to be perfectly legal” because "that money was not campaign money."

This whole thing is based on Giulianis statement. I think he would have checked this out before making this statement.
End of story.

Didn’t Trump want Rudy on his team because Rudy is good on TV?

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Obama is not President and Hillary is in the scrapheap of history.

IMO Giuliani did good with this. He got everything out at once and made an argument as to it all being legal. If he had done nothing, it would have drip, drip dripped out anyway and that always makes it look suspicious (as in the oft repeated “if nothing happened, why did they lie?”

No, the affair was. And how is paying someone to now say something about something that was legal – illegal?

The point of the payment was to positively affect Trump’s electoral chances. The fact that the money did NOT go through the campaign is the actual problem.