Giuliani Says Trump Repaid Cohen

Your boy has provably lied to the American people thousands of times, but the issue is everything but him.

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Why would Muller want to be FBI director again

You got anything to say about Cohen paying Daniels and Trump paying…ooop…not paying…ooop…make that paying Cohen back?

I don’t care who Trump is screwing.

But you seem to think that’s more important who Trump is ■■■■■■■ then corruption within your beloved goverment.

Trump paying a porn star bad.

Corrupt FBI and CoJ no big deal.

You need to check your priority lib.

Its pretty important if Trump used campaign money to pay off a escort.

Do you care that he lies to you over and over and over again?

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No more then you care about Obama and your Queen Hillary.

Why do you believe him?

Obama used campaign money to bribe people?


Tonight Giuliani shown why he should have been AG. He even admitted it that he made a mistake and should have accepted it.

You’re losing it bro, can you stick with the topic? How do you feel that trump lied about this?

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what a surprise. trump lies again…

im sure the trump ■■■■■■■ will find a way to excuse this

No need to wait, we’re already there.

Trump lies much, much more often than Obama did. And the few times Obama was proven to have lied I was mad about it. Trump lies to you every day and your response is to complain about libs.


Trump’s government is corrupt as hell.

And you love it.

Obama lied consistently…you just ignored it or accepted everything he said as factual.

DOJ is corrupt so Trump is totally cool in this case.

It’s CoJ lib.

Subpoena gets mentioned and Trump is born again righteous. My what a difference a day makes. Lol!