Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes

Dear lord just cause a man slaps some makeup on and cuts their penis off doesn’t make them a woman it makes them a Eunuch. If I have a mental illness and believe I am a puppy I am still a man not trans-canine.

Hopefully this madness will end soon enough, you can’t erase 100’s of years of biology.

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Don’t count on it…


Perhaps you’re not, but I’m considering all athletes, not just the “top” ones. It makes more logical sense to separate based on skill, weight, or some class like than make assumptions about someone’s physical abilities based on gender… especially considering whether you like or not, acceptance of transgender people is growing and you can’t make assumptions about the physical abilities of a transgender person because thing likes when they started transitioning.
Are you against men playing against women where they are roughly on par skill and ability wise?

Neither of these things are requirements to being a transgender woman. In addition I’ve never hear of a eunuch with a vagina. When someone has MtF bottom surgery they don’t just cut off their genitalia, they create a vagina.

I know you want to make that a valid comparison, but its not. Gender and species are vastly different things.

100s? Transgender people have been around for a lot longer than that! And how does one “erase” biology?

I don’t see what acceptance has to do with men beating up women.

Seems like an accurate definition to me


A castrated man, traditionally employed as a harem attendant or as a functionary in certain Asian courts.

** A man or boy whose testes are nonfunctioning or have been removed.**
An ineffectual or powerless man.

So your issue is one of chivalry? Women and men shouldn’t fight each other even if its consensual sport?

Yes, and I wouldn’t say chivalry as much as public safety.

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That’s not accurate at all. Transgender women aren’t “ineffectual or powerless men” and they aren’t being hired to guard women’s living areas. And again, eunuchs don’t have vaginas.

I asterisked the relevant definition, which was…

All three must be present at the same time to meet the definition, isn’t how definitions work.

“Public safety”? lol

Letting men and women fight each other if they want to is a danger to public safety, how? Are we too stupid to pick our battles so we need a law to protect us?

Stopping men and women engaging in consensual physical sports against each other is right up there with seat belts and clean drinking water! lol

Plenty of examples of people who were obviously too stupid to pick their battles when it comes to this subject.

You’re stretching the definition to try to cover your bigoted opinions. But even if we go with your definition it fails because a transgender woman is not a man or boy.

I think you should be more proactive about this. Go down to your local park and make sure there aren’t any women vs men sports happening. Blow a whistle if you see a man and woman playing 1 on 1 basketball! In the name of public safety!

I am fairly certain that when that definition came into existence people were still under the impression that “boy” meant biological male and not what someone decided they would be.

Biology in that regardless of if a man cuts off their penis they still hold huge advantages over women in athletic sports. They still have the outright advantage of being a man for ‘x’ amount of years before the transition as well as larger bone structures stronger in every way, hand size, testosterone etc…

There is a reason why men who say they are women and compete against them are breaking previous held women world records. Remember the celebrated United States National women’s soccer team last year? They were beat by a junior high boys soccer team, what would the U.S. national men’s soccer team do to them? And why would anyone to do that to women in sports?

You think the Democrat party was responsible for the me too movement? Interesting. The me too movement has roots in the 2000’s and became “a thing” as people came forth with allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Democrats did not create #MeToo. If someone starts a movement for this cause I guess we’ll see which parties support what. I’m inferring the Republicans were/are against #MeToo.

Wow didn’t hear bout the junior boys beating them. You would think that would shut up the people who run around spouting nonsense about how women are just as strong as men, but I know it won’t.

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Thank you for emphasizing my point that this definition isn’t applicable to trans females.