Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes

Don’t confuse liberalism with libs. They’re totally 2 different beast.


Maybe. But there certainly doesn’t seem to be much energy among libs to oppose this. Why?

Oh look, it’s this thread again.

Because they know they created this predicament and they haven’t found a way to pin it on someone else…on conservatives mostly.

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Because “normal” girls aren’t special.

It shows who voted for what. :wink:

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Long past time. It’s an embarrassment that supposed “women’s rights advocates” have remained virtually silent on the subject this long.


Maybe because they can stand up for themselves? Seems fitting a member of a party of white males would think someone needs to come in and “stand up for” those girls. How 1950’s of you.

Good for them, way past time hopefully will pick up steam.

All political dumbassery aside, I totally agree with this. If a guy wants to turn himself into a woman then I’m I’m all for it. But what knucklehead decided to let these guys turned women think it’s okay for them to compete in the same sports?! It wasn’t okay when the East Germans did it in the 70s, and it isn’t okay now!



Give them a break their confused.

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I just realized I hit the wrong choice. Biological males should not be able to compete.

We should just stop segregating sports on the basis of gender. Its too arbitrary. If you need to separate based on ability do it using actual ability and not assuming based on gender.

The gulf between men and women is so large that you can be strong enough to break a woman’s skull but not strong enough to fight against other men? Do men have thicker skulls?

Fun fact: You have to get “good psychiatric counseling” before getting sex reassignment surgery.
I always find it funny that anti-trans folks are like, these people need seek professional mental health experts instead of transitioning when its the professional mental health experts to suggest transitioning.

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Arbitrary? Lol

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I’m not voting in the poll because of how it’s worded. Instead of “males of any type” it should be “trans women”.

Yes, arbitrary. There are weak men and strong women. Do you prefer keeping it based on gender?

Yes there are weak men and strong women, but we aren’t talking about the weak ones are we? Instead we are talking about the differences between top men and women athletes. A top biologically male athlete will always be much stronger than a top woman athlete.