Ginsburg to retire?


who’s Al?


Al Gore

… apparently my gif avatar isn’t working.


LOL. But you know they are absolutely true



You think Kavanaugh is a Constitutionalist? Have you read anything about him and the 4A? Are you a pretty big fan of warrantless government intrusion in our private lives? Big cheerleader of the Patriot Act perhaps?

You probably like him because Democrats didn’t like him. And that’s that. Constitutionalist. :rofl:


Does the constitution suspend investigations into the president until his term is up? I must have missed that.


He is a darling for those who want to avoid being held responsible for their crimes unless that person is Bill Clinton. Trump isnt the only person this weasel wants to protect. He has a record of doing such.


No it doesn’t, but then Kavanaugh never said that the President cannot be investigated while in office.


From the looks of her, she’ll be gone in a year.


Hey, how are you liking D7? Mueller arrested yet?


And I’m sure that many others also view Sotomayor and Kagan as two of the most left wing justices as well.


Mueller who?





Yes he did. He suggested it because waaaaaaah the president’s job is just too hard!


No he didn’t. Quit making things up. It’s no way to win an argument.


What’s true?

How would you know, if I do or do not know if they would be true?
Absolute is a bad word to use in politics.


Ever. Hardly.



What that gorsush and kavanaugh are extreme right wingers.

Absolutely. Read some of their lower court opinions.



Ill go ahead and post knowing there is going to be quibbling.

Read or attend social events. But don’t be fooled. The job and the pressure never stop. We exalt and revere the presi- dency in this country—yet even so, I think we grossly underestimate how difficult the job is.

Deferral would allow the President to focus on the vital duties he was elected to perform.Congress should consider doing the same, moreover, with respect to criminal investigations and prosecutions of the President. Of course after this sniveling hack wanted to turn the Clinton hearings into a porno show.


Almost nothing Trump says he will (or will not) do is cast in stone.

So far he has kept to the list. Until he stops, he’s moving SCOTUS in the right direction.


And that’s a huge improvement over Ginsburg.