Ginsburg to retire?


In your not so humble opinion.


Lol. They are extreme right. You don’t know SCOTUS justices political leanings either. Doesn’t anyone understand.

Guess not.



Lol and you think it’s a fair court now. Lol

That’s worth two lol…



I think you are wrong, but I hope you are right. :wink:


Oh no. There is no hoping, they are.



Sorry for you. He was confirmed and sworn in and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.


Why? To make peace with the people who want to burn him at the stake? You know in your heart that they will never be appeased no matter what he does … unless that thing is to resign.


Published list? Is it cast in stone? That list isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. :smile:

But I agree … Garland would be the new Kennedy.


I’m sure from your far left perspective they are extreme right, but from my perspective, they are both Constitutionalists, which is precisely where a Supreme Court Justice should be.


Yep, one for me and one for you. :wink:


Sorry, but I’m not about to start accepting your assurances now … not after years of seeing how wrong you have been about most things.

But I still hope you are right on this one. :wink:


No. It just would have been the right thing to do for Garland.

Garland, who is an excellent judge, was treated poorly by the Republicans. It was an insulting display. He deserved an honest hearing.

The Democrats certainly one upped them during the Kavanaugh hearings, though. That was a complete train wreck and the party should be ashamed of theirselves for how they acted.


Nope. They are extreme right wing. Go to SCOTUSblog for information.






I don’t trust no Samm with two mm’s


I don’t commend you for your answers.


None of this matters, of course. That bastion of honor and consistency, Sen. McConnell, would doubtless hold off on considering any SCOTUS nominee until the “will of the people” could be heard in 2020. With full support from the most honorable Senators Cruz and Grassley, of course.

Country over party for all of them, right?


And i don’t trust anyone who chooses to use the name David Duke in a discussion forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that you Jittsi? :wink:


I think that polar bears look cute.


That’s just a ruse to put you off guard and lure you close. That’s what happened to Al. :wink: