Ginsburg to retire?


Obama once said that elections have consequences. There was no mention of fair this and fair that.
So…here we are now…I have no problem with “unfair” SCOTUS.
After Trump as his turn and Democrats are in office we can take up “Fair” where ever you want.
How ever I doubt you’ll be eager to make it fair then.
Best example of the top of my head of Liberal hypocrisy is when Sen. Harry Read pulled all kinds of shenanigans and dirty tricks and Democrats raised no brow.
Like when he accused Mittens of not paying taxes which, was a lie…and he admitted it being a lie when he responded “But he lost, didn’t he?”…meaning the end justifies the means.


Maybe Trump will get a chance to select someone even more to the right, and then they won’t look so far to the right? Problem solved.


One of the better qualities of Trump is the left medias inability to intimidate him. I am hoping if he has the chance that he will not try to select someone who will make the left feel loved and give them a sense of “fair”. If the Republicans held 51 seats in the Senate, that might be necessary. It is probably what Bush (Roberts) would do.
If we have to put up with Trump’s tweets, he at least needs to move the court to the right if he has a chance.


I’ll take the inch, or a foot. But yes, I’d rather have the mile.

And the extra seats in the Senate (absent the Flake!) gives a lot more leeway to reach for the mile now.


For Conservatives, how great would it be if she did retire!!!

Wow, is all I could say, because then Trump could put someone else in there!


She’s one tough lady, regardless of my political affiliation on the opposite end of the spectrum I admire her tenacity and grit.




A balanced court is good for all Americans.

Sorry a simple disagreement among citizens.



A just court is good for Americans.


Good luck with your Constitutional Amendment to do all that.


She is so hoping that Trump does not win in 2020. If somebody beats Trump, I’m pretty sure she’ll retire in 2021. She will not quit if Trump is president, the only way I see that the spot opening up if Trump wins, is if she dies.


If she does retire, you can expect the dems to fast track impeachment on whatever they can dig up. They will go ballistic if the President gets yet another justice on the court.


Oh, Ginsburg’s still alive? I had been hearing rumors.


I think she is still alive. The WH is preparing for her departure. Not sure the context of “departure.” The alt left needs to rest up. Maybe a little peppermint tea with honey. Got to be exhausted from Russia, The Wall, the shutdown, Kavanaugh, Trump’s hands, Trump’s sniffles. Plum wore out.







Washington is full of them.