Georgia Governor Suggests Democrats Attempted to Hack Voting Reg System

Just days before the election, GA governor suggests the Democratic party may have attempted to hack the voter registration system. What say ya’ll? Proper to do so, or is this a political ploy?

We shall see I guess. I’m sure this one will be an easy thing to figure out.

“We opened an investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia after receiving information from our legal team about failed efforts to breach the online voter registration system and My Voter Page. We are working with our private sector vendors and investigators to review data logs. We have contacted our federal partners and formally requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate these possible cyber crimes. The Secretary of State’s office will release more information as it becomes available.”

“Just before noon on Saturday, a third party provided WhoWhatWhy with an email and document, sent from the Democratic Party of Georgia to election security experts, that highlights ‘massive’ vulnerabilities within the state’s My Voter Page and its online voter registration system. According to the document, it would not be difficult for almost anyone with minimal computer expertise to access millions of people’s private information and potentially make changes to their voter registration — including canceling it.”

So the Democratic party sent an email to election security experts sounding the alarm about Georgia’s total vulnerability to hacking, and the sitting secretary of state running for election for Governor (who also in charge of the states elections) then accuses them of hacking the system…



Should have waited until the day after the election to announce anything like that. It just loses credibility doing it right before the election.

If his accusation is based on that email, there is no credibility to lose. It’s entirely without merit, and he’s doing it explicitly to help his election chances.

And this isn’t the only suspect action he’s taken.

How has he not had to recuse himself from oversight of the electoral system?

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Wow Doug…what a stinging rebuke you just offered up against blatant dirty pool by a GOP candidate for governor

You sure didn’t hold back there!


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That has been one of my biggest gripes against Kemp. He is literally overseeing an election in which he is a candidate. He should have stepped down from the SOS post the moment he announced his candidacy.

Of course, he was heartily endorsed by Trump - so that should probably tell you all you need to know…


Kemp is as corrupt as they get. He fits right in with today’s Republican Party.

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If you can’t win an election that you’re overseeing and are actively using your position to influence your chances of being elected, then you really have no business having either your current position or the new job you’re running for

Most of the polls I’ve seen recently suggest that Kemp and Abrams are in a virtual tie in this race, so this could very well end up in a runoff. I hope not, but it’s beginning to look that way. I’m getting about fed up with their ads … so fed up, in fact, that I voted for the libertarian candidate.

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Kemp’s obvious conflict of interest should have had him tanking in the polls but the criminal just keeps going.

Trump has proven that Republicans have no moral cornerstone

Corruption is what todays republican candidate represents and what today’s republican voter supports.

Far, far more criticism than you would ever show if some Democrat had pulled something like that.

No Democrat has done it. Only republicans!

Because it’s Georgia and republican controlled.

Democrats have morals. That’s the difference.

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You offered zero criticism.

In fact, your entire tone indicated not that you thought he made up the charges, which it is reasonably certain he did, but that he just didn’t bring them at the right time.

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What is your basis for this conclusion?