GDP Growth Below 3%


How would this be a surprise to anyone with higher rates and a harsh winter?


Nah, YOU produce evidence that it isn’t, or don’t bother responding.


You made the claim, support it with evidence if you can.


AIt’s fun seeing the excuses trialed out here. It’s because of winter!

Wait, Christmas is during winter right? And they’re seasonally adjusted, right?


You mean the administration that entered into an economy in freefall and ushered in the longest period of sustained economic growth in US History?

That administration?


One also is forced to argue that the Trump economy is so weak that it can’t withstand interest rates above 2.5% and rising on a very predictable schedule.


Many of them also have to invent reasons why the fed is increasing the rate.

Increasing the rate is clearly some conspiracy against Trump.

In reality, they’re increasing rates so that way they can lower them during the next recession.


Can you back this up? Where did the Fed ever say they were specifically trying to slow growth?


Lame dodge. Try answering the question.

How many times were interest rates raised and how many quarters did the fed keep the threat of rising rates out there to to slow the economy during the Obama Administration?


Their whole point was to slow growth over inflation fears.


The previous administration couldn’t manage equal growth with negative rates.

I somehow think you really don’t want to go there.


The point was to slow inflation, not growth. Your link does not back up your assertion.


Inflation resulting from what? A rapidly growing economy.


Inflation from low unemployment. Read your own link dude:

The last time the unemployment rate in the States reached its current level, inflation ran as high as 6 percent and Shepherdson said the Fed wants to prevent history repeating itself.


Why would you raise rates in a recession?


Trump still hasnt topped Obama’s best year. Not in 2017 and its not going to happen in 2018. And 2018 was Trumps only chance. 2019 predicted growth is 2 percent.


nom nom nom - Those crumbs are delicious, aren’t they?


Which is the result of a rapidly growing economy.

Seriously, just quit.


Really? Where’s the “rapidly growing economy” then? Because all we’ve had is anemic GDP growth less than 3% for a decade now.

Try sticking with reality instead of telling others to “just quit”.


Take it up with the fed, that was their premise.

The purpose of raising rates was to tighten the money supply thus slowing growth to stave off inflation.

Their fears and their “solution” both proved to be wrong.