GDP Growth Below 3%


Rates have historically been much higher and we’ve obtained faster growth.


The economy has been growing… but not any more rapidly than the growth starting from around 2010.

All of the metrics have been a steady slow increase since then.

To state otherwise is pretty silly.


When was that? When did we have “negative rates?”


Equal growth? Last year will have lower growth than 2015, bet.


There wasn’t an impetus to raise rates.

QE didn’t really start to get unwound until 2015-2016

It would be silly to raise rates without stuffing off as much of that as possible.


So you’ve made three claims now which aren’t backed up by evidence.

They increased rates because of concerns of inflation.

Inflation is a concern due to low unemployment.

Low unemployment is not the product of a rapidly increasing economy.


“Rapidly growing economy” which is growing slower than some Obama years and adding fewer jobs. Lol.


And historically rates were raised to slow growth and quell inflation.

Nobody said rates are the only factor but they are the factor that the Federal Reserve can control.


So you can’t refute it? That’s what I thought.

Common sense that jobs added reflect the current job market, one that can’t even produce jobs that support average car payments.

If anything they are WORSE, as Trump-bots have told us to justify stagnant wages (i.e. they are just entry level jobs… and will eventually get raises!).


The “fear” of a rapidly growing economy. You know, when companies began to reinvest and really begin to lift wages after that phat tax cut Trump and the republicans gave them.

But like the Dems told everyone, the companies just bought back stock to help their executives and really wealthy stock holders so indeed, they’re fears were proven wrong.


Bad news for Trump.


Wouldn’t a rapidly growing economy be reflected in gdp growth by definition?


Thats just crazy talk.


Logically yes but you aren’t factoring in the TDS lvls which are suppressing all the amazing things our great leader President Trump has done for us in 2 short years.


Gosh ya think? Seems to be a might big plot hole.


And the hits keep coming.

After the advanced durable manufacturing and the existing home sales reports, estimates for Q4 GDP continue to dip lower:

Atlanta Fed: 1.4%
Moody’s 1.7%.

I’m 100% positive Trump isn’t hitting his 3% for 2018. I can’t wait to see what the excuses are.


Trump is cool?


The are blaming the Fed raising interest rates… which is really wierd because the Fed keeping the rates low was a complaint during the Obama years.


Additionally, we’ve had rates much higher with greater growth. But best economy ever?


So cool. This is just eleventy dimension chess.