GDP Growth Below 3%


Been over this, barely even passing the 2% inflation mark for practically net zero real world growth.

And that is “record”… lol!


Yes… but his salary dropped exponentially…


Wha? Did he cut his own salary?


no it didn’t, Trump never cut ties to his companies.


Why did you post something from Oct 2018?


I saw that as well. That’s hugely concerning. :flushed:


Barclays down to 1.5%.
JP Morgan down to 2.0%.

Waiting to hear from Moody’s. NY Fed is going to be super bearish tomorrow. Geeeez.


There are ever increasing signs in the economy that point to recession. I thought we may have escaped it until somewhere mid-2020, but my thinking may have been off. We may see the beginnings of it this year unfortunately. It will not be good, but we have been on a stellar run for a long time now, and it was bound to come eventually.


Sept. 1929
“There is no cause to worry. The high tide of prosperity will continue.” Andrew W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury


And several posters here.


The GOP is a glitch.


NY Fed’s latest estimate is more modest of a drop at 2.2%, though their 2019Q1 estimate dropped down to 1.1%. Ouch.


He also funneled millions through is inauguration fund


Eesh, that is not good news.


That would make sense. They have the most people and the most cars.

But to the point, California and New York aren’t even in the top 20. The top five are:

New Mexico
South Carolina


Moody’s has 4th quarter at 2%. A drop from 2.7% And Moody’s is like money in the bank.


GDP is cool.


Why is no one updating the DOW thread that gets updated every time the market drops?


The fed raised rates and kept the threat of more increases out there specifically to slow growth.

How many times did this happen under the previous administration?


Produce some actual evidence to show that this is true.