Gay man refused service at store


Who decides?


Exactly. This Straka guy is pushing hard for his 15 minutes.


He may get more than that. He may get a few people to walkaway. It’s certainly worth a try.


This is about money. Guy already has a clothing business with all the merch setup

He is monetizing a niche campaign. I guess I’ll give him credit for figuring out how to make some big money.


It is a refusal of service by that employee. Who is just as much a representative of the establishment.

Would you be ok if I refused service to a black man or a homosexual as long as they got waited on by somebody else?


no one died in this transaction so…


So his cause is less worthy because …


Balderdash! Like you care. I’m sure you are disappointed that somebody made money selling impeach 45 shirts. Seriously?


No one died in the bakeries either. So…


If an employee is deeply offended by someone’s unsolicited schpiel and there is another employee willing to serve him, what is the problem?


Badda boom badda bing!


You sound like Trump



Hannity forums is turning into a tabloid’s forum.


It’s been like this before but the trolling from trump supporters has been getting pretty extreme lately.


So I can refuse service to a black person as long as a co-worker catches it? And tell them it us for BLM purposes?


I don’t care if he makes money doing it, all I said is that is the reason he is doing it.


The employee did not pass him off to his co-worker because he is gay, he did it because of the guy’s behavior and that is a perfectly acceptable reason.


Your support for intolerance and hypocrisy is extreme.


His behavior?


You know him?