Game of Thrones - (potential spoilers)


2nd episode hit me right in the feels. For the first time it hit me that this series is ending soon. Lots of great scenes, and no spoilers here, but I will say that I loved everything about that group gathered around the hearth.

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Anyone else get the feeling that Episode 2 was just a big head fake?? Oh, there’s a battle at Winterfell coming for sure.

But not one clip of King’s Landing or The Night King? Instead we hear the horns sounding, and see The Night King’s lieutenants approaching a few distant lights.

There are millions more corpses on the road to, and in the graves of King’s Landing.

What if Cersei, The Mountain and Qyburn are the ones who kill The Night King, and win the war against the dead??


I would think Bran would be able to see this if true (night king going around winterfell).

I would like to see somehow some surviving at winterfell, burning the walkers, then night king taking kings landing and raising Cersei as his queen. Then final battle in King’s Landing.

But Sunday will be epic…same guy who directed battle of bastards and hardholme. Took 55 day and nights to film


Yeah, I was thinking on that a bit too. Bran said that The Night King always knows where he is, but he didn’t say if the opposite was true. But even if Bran can see it, there is still a battle brewing at Winterfell, and his concerns may lay only with his family and The North.

He may have even told Sansa, who would get a kick out of Cersei being attacked by the dead.


I loke the idea that the crypts have some magic where white walkers cant go there…wonder if they will lose winterfell but then a select few retreat to the crypts and then the army of the dead go to kings landing.

But i will be surprised if the army is defeated next episode…going to be crazy


Nice. Now I can finally check it out. I prefer to binge watch.


The sheer number of times someone said “You’ll be safe in the crypts” last episode makes me pretty sure that no one will be safe in the crypts.

I’m leaning towards the theory that Night King bringing back all the dead Starks as wights.


That or the few survivors outside retreat to the crypts cause of something down there


Even headless Ned?


It’s possible.


Something will definitely happen in the crypts. The trailer for the season had scenes of Arya running in the Crypts as if something was chasing her or she was running to rescue someone.


I just got to the part in Fire and Blood (A Song of Ice and Fire) where Aegon III marries a 6 year old. ■■■ George R. R. Martin?


Aegon the conquerer


Wrong aegon. The conquerer married both his sisters, but they were adults. Aegon III married a 6 year old 130 years after the conquest.

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Season 8, episode 3 - HOLY ■■■■

Best TV series I’ve ever seen, and we still have 3 episodes to go.


That was incredible.


■■■■■■■■ posting very prevalant spoilers all over twitter


Going to be impossible to avoid, even more so than Endgame I’m afraid.


Aegon III was 11 it was a political marriage to stop the civil war between the two factions of House Targ since each of them was part of a separate faction.

She later kill herself when she is 12 by jumping from a tower… (though some think she was murdered to gain political power with the young king)

dark ■■■■■

I could talk thrones for hours its one of my passion love the books.


It was so intense I had to take a break right now. Wow!