Game of Thrones - (potential spoilers)


I posted this elsewhere, sadly, it was shown to be a poor prediction last night

“The Ice Dragon kills everyone in the first 10 minutes. We then get 12 hours of a GoT\Walking Dead mashup leading to the spin off White Walking Dead.”

More realistically, I’m pretty sure the battle (likely) next week will be some of the best television ever made and I am eagerly awaiting the remainder :slight_smile:


Yep this was like a prolong setting up the rest of the season a lot of friction.


TV rarely work with author when it comes to adaption GRRM had little input on game of thrones, Steven King hates the Shinning movie.


The show and book series are completely different Danny never comes to the seven kingdom, the Gold Company has a much bigger role.


From what I’ve heard, the battle will be in episode 3.


Entirely possible/probable - I knew the first episode was going to be moving everyone to where they needed to be before hell is unleashed. But not everyone is in place, so likely you are correct :slight_smile: But a significant part of the fun with GoT is wild speculation, and I am thoroughly content with being wrong :slight_smile:


And yet GRRM still doesn’t have time to finish the damn books.

Oddly, that’s the best movie of the King movies.


He has written 10,000s of pages he just can’t seem to figure out what he want to put in the books lol.


Well yeah, obviously they are different now because the show has moved so far past the books. As I recall Tyrion hasn’t even met Danerys in the books yet and Jon is currently dead.

But the for the main characters its the same. Danerys would have eventually come to the 7 kingdoms. Jon will eventually be brought back to life in the books. His parentage will be revealed.

Martin has also stated that for the major plot points the show is ending the same way he plans to end the books. He’s said the differences will largely be for some secondary characters.


I didn’t really like how Dany just abandon the former slave nations in the TV but I can understand they don’t have time to do a whole season on that conflict.

the secondary stories are the best part of the book series, the corruption of Myrcelle Baratheon was such a good story.


DS says he thinks the frozen zombie king is the antecedent of whatever it is John Snow is the 6th of. As you can see, I haven’t followed the show, missed a few seasons, don’t know who most of them are or how they’re related to one another, but I thought the red-haired Stark girl was married to Peter Dinklage at one point. On the show, not in real life.


Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Sansa (red head girl) were forced to marry against both of their wills back in season 3 (or early season 4) but the marriage was never consumated as Tyrion refused to force himself on a young girl.

There are lots of theories about who and what the Night King is, largely based on stuff from the books thats barely been touched in the show. The two most likely theories are that he is an ancestor of the Starks or he’s Bran.

The first theory goes that long ago a Stark ancestor somehow became the Night King and whats actually happening now is that the white walkers are coming to help the Starks as their activity has bumped up the more the Starks are in trouble. There is a lot more to it than this obviously.

The second is that at some point in the future Bran will warg himself back in time, much like he did with Hodor, trying to stop the formation of the white walkers but somehow screws up and gets stuck in the Night Kings body and gradually goes insane.


I reckon all the time was spent on the great war coming soon


The books are better.

Everything that has happened last season and this season is not canon.


Everything that has happened in the last two seasons (three counting this one) is based on the outline that Martin gave them. Martin is on record as saying that the ending of the series is the same as the ending he plans for the books. I’d call that canon. Martin says the only differences that matter will be for some secondary characters but for the main outcomes its going to be the same.

And since the TV show is the ONLY ending we’ll ever get since Martin is never going to finish the books it the only canon we will ever have.


2nd episode is basically an hr of filler where the characters talk, bond,and in one case make shippers of a certain pairing very happy. It was good but very little actually happens.


Current trajectory based on historical time between books has Martin finishing the series in just over 20 years. Anybody seriously think he will finish?


Two schools of thought on the last two books:

  1. Some believe he has finished them already and is just waiting for the TV show to finish before releasing. I don’t believe this at all.

  2. What I believe is that he’ll never finish as he’s lost all motivation to do so, especially since the TV show has now spoiled everything he had planned.


#2 is the correct answer, as far as I’m concerned.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy the battle is herrrreee