Game of Thrones - (potential spoilers)

The 8th and final season begins this Sunday night. Predictions as to who takes the Iron Throne? Fates of your favorite characters?

Jon and Danerys lead the combined force and manage to kill the Night King.

Cersei manages to kill Jon and Danerys though in a last minute betrayal.

Jamie finally sees Cersei for the utter monster she is and kills her to become the Queenslayer after which he kills himself. But no one realizes it because . . . . .

Arya wearing Cersei’s face is Queen of the seven kingdoms and Cersei is revered for stopping the Night King.

With Jon’s death and reveal to be a Targaryean as well, Sansa becomes the leader of the Stark family. Then she meets Gendry and they fall in love which reunites the Stark and Baratheon houses.

Tormund and Brienne have giant babies.

Tyrion and Varys are the new advisors to Cersei (Arya) and help the steer the kingdom to an never known before peace.

Theon dies saving Yara but does save her. Euron gets killed along the way.

Bran as the Three Eyed Raven and his ability to time travel via his mind is revealed to be both Bran the Builder (the guy who built the wall) and the Night King.

Oh and one last prediction but the one I feel is most accurate. George RR Martin will never finish book six let alone book seven. I think the TV show has destroyed any possibility of that because he has nothing left to write for. The series is based on the outline he gave them so all the major plot reveals are his. As such his books will feel anticlimactic for everything except the minor stuff not covered in the show like Zombie Catelyn Stark.

I am so pumped.

My prediction is that white walkers and starks share bloodline. And that the the 3 eyed raven/brandon has a very tight link to the night king since they can warg things…Brandon wargs the living, night king the dead. I also predict Daenarys will die and tyrion will take the throne. A Lannister always pays his debts

I thought tormund died at the wall at the end of season 7?

Tormund and Beric both were running toward the west along the top.

They may still be alive.

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-The big battle will come sooner than later (too many human storylines to wrap up)
-Jon and Daenerys have a baby but she dies in childbirth
-Tyrion will also die
-Is Cersei really pregnant? (I’ll say yes)
-Cersei gives birth to a dwarf baby, and when she tries to kill it Jaime kills her
-Jaime and Brienne get together and raise his child
-Theon saves Yara and Euron gets killed
-The Golden Company may not be loyal to Cersei and Euron
-Daario Naharis may arrive with a reserve force to help his queen
-There may be more dragons rising in the east
-Arya personally kills at least one more person from her list (The Mountain? Maybe, if he kills The Hound)
-Jorah dies
-Sam and Gilly and Little Sam will be okay
-Sansa and Gendry sounds like a decent ending (as predicted above)
-Qyburn will die a gruesome death (eaten or burned by a dragon)
-Davos kills the Red Woman
-Varys dies
-Grey Worm dies but Missandei lives (her and Davos? I hope not)
-Robin Arryn dies
-Jon rules Westoros

I think at least 50% of the current list of names characters become white walkers.

-We’ve probably not seen the last of Jaqen H’ghar
-Podrick Payne (Maybe he’ll show Arya his magic ■■■■ )
-Bronn finally gets his castle
-Lyanna Mormont will kick some ass
-Dolorous Edd gets pardoned and becomes hand of the king

My prediction, a ■■■■ load of people are going to die.

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Everyone dies (horrible deaths) except Tyrion Lannister, who sits on the Iron Throne alone in the throne room as the camera pulls back and fades to black.

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This right here.

At the rate he’s going, he will have to live to 108 to finish book 8. :wink:

I’ve heard he’s publicly stated that he doesn’t want anyone else to finish his books but I wonder if privately he’s said that. After Robert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time series, was diagnosed with a fatal condition and given just a few years to live he tried to make an outline for the rest of the series and wrote the ending with instructions to his wife, who was also his editor, to find a good author to finish it for his readers. Thus Brandon Sanderson, who had never even met Jordan but was a huge fan, got hired.

There are two obvious candidates to finish Game of Thrones: Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. They are best known as the writing duo known as James S.A. Corey, authors of The Expanse series. But both have written solo novels as well. They are both friends with Martin who views them as his proteges. They even dedicated the most recent Expanse book to him. I could see one or both of them taking on the task.

Brandon Sanderson has no interest in it and probably wouldn’t be a good fit anyway. While he writes great fantasy books his books are very much PG to PG-13 due to his devout mormonism. Game of Thrones on the other hand is NC-17 and I don’t think he could or would be able to do that tone.

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The Wheel of Time is coming to Amazon as a TV show, some time in the next few years.

I was wondering how they’d deal with the PG-13-ness of it, as compared to GoT.

I have mixed feelings about this because last I heard the TV show apparently isn’t working with Harriet McDougal (Robert Jordan’s wife and editor) and Brandon Sanderson (the guy who wrote the last three books). They more than anyone should have some input into the series.

I fear it will be as awful as the Wheel of Time pilot that got released a few years ago. The company that holds the movie / tv rights didn’t even tell McDougal or Sanderson they had filmed one and the first Sanderson learned of it (I follow him on facebook) was when people started asking him if he’d seen it. It was bad and didn’t get picked up thankfully.

Well, that wasn’t actually a “pilot”.

When a company buys the rights to something, they have to use those rights within a certain amount of time, otherwise they lose them.

That’s the reason why at least two Fantastic Four movies were made, and why this “pilot” aired - the company that owned the rights to Wheel of Time tacked together 22 minutes of nonsense, and paid FXX to air it in the middle of the night.

I’m hoping for the best, when it comes to the Amazon show. I guess we’ll see.

This might well have been the least violent episode of Game of Thrones ever. Only one death the whole episode.

For the most part the episode was just lots of reunions, hurt feelings, and revelations. Thats not a bad thing and much of this was stuff we’ve been waiting a LONG time for.

That said, for a show that spends so much money on its production values the CGI in the dragon flying scene was sitcom characters driving in a car bad.

The actors and producers are all big libs. Don’t support them.