Free Sgt. Daniel Perry

Okay. So I think I get your point now. Kudos to your inscrutability.

I will restate: I won’t be surprised if they lift the ban on violent ex felons to own guns

Why should they not?

I am not arguing either way. The point is that a gun ban to violent ex-felons used to enjoy bi partisan support, but as I said, I predict the court will strike that down as well.

Once you complete your sentences you either get your rights back or you don’t…you don’t get to pick what rights they’re allowed or not.

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I’m fine with giving felons getting their gun rights back just as long as they get their right to vote back, too.

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What part of my comment made YOU think that wasn’t the case?

Nothing. What part of my comment made YOU think that I thought that wasn’t the case?

You’re boring me.

I understand you’re desperately trying to seek my attention.

Again, I am not arguing against it, just making note of its probable demise.

Question: does your sentiment above go to sex offenders?

Was going to ask that earlier…Or how about those with a felony animal cruelty conviction…Should those felons be allowed to have animals again?

There is a potential contradiction there

For me personally, violence against animals = death penalty. I don’t give a rip, ya’ll come @ me.



Yeah, but a gun makes it so easy.

If he didn’t have the gun, I doubt that other guy would be dead, and his own life ruined.

The “other guy” had a bigger gun.

His life isn’t ruined yet.

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So does a car or gasoline.

Why don’t cars rank higher on the homicide list if they are as dangerous as you want people to believe they are?

Speaking of death by scary gunz vs vehicles.

We are supposed to ruthlessly crack down on mobs.

It’s the only way they’ll learn not to riot…right?

If you say so.

That’s what many conservatives here said last summer.