Free Sgt. Daniel Perry

On July 25 2020 Perry was working as an uber driver that night when he turned down a street where BLM protesting…as you can imagine they surrounded his vehicle. One of them (Garrett Foster) had AK-47 in which Perry claimed that Foster pointed at him…Perry fired his own weapon killing Foster.

On July 1, Travis County District Attorney José Garza announced that a grand jury has indicted Perry for murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and deadly conduct.

Justified shoot? IMO I believe it was if Foster indeed pointed his rifle at Perry. I also believe this is politically motivated for his indictment.

He tweeted out threats before the incident. He drove into a crowd. I don’t know if he was threatened before shooting or not but that is for the jury to decide.

Garrett Foster was legally carrying his AK-47.

This is exactly the wild west kind of stuff to expect when everyone is carrying guns.

Unless someone happens to be videoing, two legal gun owners got in a shoot out on the streets, and one guy is dead, the other heading to jail and no one will ever know who was right or wrong.

Hooray for guns.


Not if he pointed it.

Yeah…I should have expressed that in my open. If he did indeed pointed it it’s justified shoot.


The McClosky’s say hi.


You should probably sit this one out.


What a stupid post.


They were pointing weapons at people.

Luckily they were not shot.

Stop deflecting…they were on their own private property.

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And the people that they were pointing weapons at were not on their property.

Glad they didn’t get shot.

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Was Daniel Perry justified in shooting Foster if Foster pointed his rifle at him?

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Don’t know.

Wasn’t there.

I just find the argument about brandishing worthy of deadly force to be pretty funny give other events.

It’s a stupid post.

You do know.

We are talking about this event.

What is stupid about it?

That I am glad that they weren’t shot?

Because I am.

It would have been senseless violence.

No I get it.

Standards shift though it seems.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking yes.