Free Sgt. Daniel Perry

Can’t help you there, I’m a liberal.

I had a grammar teacher who threatened us like that. Something about “homwerk”?

They yelled threats at them, talked about raping her, & killing them both, then moving into their home. I’d pull a gun on them too.


Who breaks down security gates? People? Or a mob?

Interesting take on dehumanization there.

Being outnumbered ten to one is an imminent threat in any circumstance.

Mob behaviour is a human phenomenon. How can identifying a group as a mob be “dehumanisation”?

" What Is Mob Mentality?

Mob mentality, herd mentality, pack mentality, groupthink, or crowd psychology — the concept has many names. These all boil down to the same idea: Individuals are influenced by a larger group. Regardless of whether that group includes people in your class, your neighborhood, or an entire nation, you may experience mob mentality.

In the 1950s, researchers conducted a famous conformity experiment that showed how readily people conform or change their behavior to match social norms. It involved:

  • A single participant was put in a room with seven undercover accomplices.
  • Asch presented the group with four lines, and the goal was to determine which two lines were the same length.
  • Even though the answer was obvious, the undercover accomplices purposefully gave an incorrect answer.
  • The real participant answered last.
  • The intent of the experiment was to see if the real participant would give a false answer — conforming with the accomplices — even if the correct answer was clear.

‌The results were surprising. About one-third of the real participants answered incorrectly. They conformed to the wrong answer given by the rest of the group.

Why did they do it? When the participants heard the incorrect answer, some started to believe the incorrect answer was actually correct. The participants conformed mainly because they wanted to fit in with the rest of the group and thought the rest of the group was more informed than they were."

That was weak.

Indeed. Game Theory would predict that most people would find a momentary deference to a threatening mob more viable than on moral principles pushing back against the mob.

The McColsky’s are in a commendable 0.01% with a developed moral backbone.

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you got your wish as abbott pardoned Perry.


Abbot is saying that it is okay to murder liberal protestors in Texas.


Sure he did.

Perry murdered a dude.

Talked about murdering BLM protesters beforehand.

This pardon means that it is okay to do so.

No he is saying self defense is legal even against liberals.


Perry was the one who attacked with his car.

Then he shot a man who was open carrying and couldn’t even get the story straight if Foster actually raised his weapon.

Perry became a cause celeb in the right wing media sphere which is why Abbot pushed for his pardon

:rofl: This burns you up.


Perry eliminated a threat that raised on him with a AK clone.

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So what?

The protestors attacked by blocking the street.

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What’s that we heard about the unarmed woman who was killed on Jan 6 by a coward? Thats right. It is his own fault he is dead. No one murdered him. If he didn’t want to get killed he should have stayed home. He caused his own death.