Francis Scott Key bridge collapse

A lot of things could result in a crash. Busy ports equal issues.


Busy ports plus low margins causing many ships to be put into service with poor maintenance…

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terrorists would never crash boats into bridges…

Yes, ■■■■ happens.

A power failure on a ship should not result in a catastrophe, but bridges built decades ago were not designed for protection from collisions with modern ships. We have a lot of accidents waiting to happen.

In addition, the US has been accumulating lots of enemies around the world, and aging infrastructure makes an inviting target in the era of asymmetrical and unrestricted warfare.

Propulsion power is all that matters.

Right except for sarcastically calling it a coincidence because of course there can always be something there for some i don’t disagree with you

No it’s not. Instruments, electronic controls and the illumination to see them in the dark matter a lot.

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"Part of a collapsed bridge in Baltimore has been deliberately destroyed, clearing the way for the eventual full return of shipping through one of the busiest sea routes in the US.

Authorities said the demolition went according to plan. It took place after the body of the sixth and last victim of the incident was recovered last week.

At a news conference earlier Monday, officials said they hoped to move the ship within two days."

My prediction is looking pretty good:

The target date to have the port fully reopened is May 31st. barely more than two months since the bridge collapsed.

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My question is, why weren’t the maintenance workers cleared out of there? While the police were closing the bridge to all traffic, a simple call over the radio gets them off the bridge in time. What happened? You can’t do a you tube search because they only provide mainstream media results. Which tell you nothing.

They replaced the Harry Nice Bridge in Maryland just a few years ago for a hell of a lot less than what they’re proposing for this.

They should be working on it already.

There’s nothing stopping them from pulling down what remains and getting to work today.

Abridge collapse can cause lower prices, recession etc… In fact that is a FAR more likely result.

It does the opposite if and only if the economy at the time is flooded with helicopter money.

I worked in the Hawkins Point area for 34 years and used the FSK bridge daily sometimes 3-4 times/ day to get to clients facilities to the north and Sparrows Point. When the Bethlehem Steel Mill ( and subsequent owners) until it all went cold and they demo’d the place, ALL the steel from the buildings was loaded on barges and ships and sent to our ChiCom friends.
Anyone know where the FSK steel is going?
Steel can be repurposed. I thought it insane that those thousands of tons of US made steel went to ■■■■■■■ China? Are we that incapable of remanufacturing good steel?

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Well, nothing but money, materials, an approved set of plans, a competent workforce and a contract. The original bridge took four and a half years to build, this one will be completed in less than three … perhaps two, if all goes well.

They are planning to go from four to six lanes and to increase the height and width of the main span of the bridge.

This work is an improvement, not just a replacement.

That would be weird, because I-695 is just two lanes in each direction for several miles approaching the bridge in either direction.

And the ascent/descent were at pretty severe angles already.

Oh well.

Yeah, but in the meantime they can start taking down all of the old stuff immediately.

There’s at least 1500 feet of bridge left up on each side.

They are. They have been since days after it happened.

The wreckage.

I don’t know that they’ve touched what was left standing at all.

Would have been next to impossible while they were opening temporary shallow channels.

Now that the wreckage is mostly clear they should be demolishing the rest right away.

The priorities have been … recover the bodies, reopen a channel, free the ship. There is no urgency to remove any part of the structure that was not damaged. If they completely redesign the entire bridge, that work could be done as part of the construction contract.

You believe the part that didn’t fall is “undamaged”??

No reason to delay removing it now.

That’s just time wasted.