Francis Scott Key bridge collapse

I don’t see why it’s worth arguing about.

The pros will take care of it.

I understand what you’re suggesting, but I don’t think that’s how it works. The salvage company usually picks up the pieces. Those getting the contract to build the new bridge demolish the remaining structure and build the new one.

Why do you think it was damaged? There is no physical connection at the expansion joints between the through-truss that fell and the other sections that didn’t that would transfer stress to those sections. Even if the replacement bridge is to be designed to provide greater clearance over the water and perhaps increase the width of the roadway, those undamaged sections should be able to be utilized which would greatly reduce both the cost and time to construct the new bridge.

In fact, they are using those spans now as they are undergoing the debris removal work.


I’m not arguing. I am a Professional Engineer. :wink:

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