Francis Scott Key bridge collapse

at least 7 people still missing

thoughts and prayers


Baltimore traffic and commerce will be devastated for years.

The Breitbart report was especially interesting. Oliver Lane wrote his thesis on port disaster impact.

From Oliver Lane.

The potential disruption from this incident is potentially enormous. Quite apart from the severing of the I-695 across the Patapsco River — several other bridges cross further upstream, at the risk of carrying more traffic through the city itself — the port of Baltimore will likely be blocked for an extended period while the wreckage of the large bridge in the dredged channel capable of taking large ship traffic is cleared.

Per a February local news report, the Port of Baltimore set new records in the amount of cargo it was handling, amounting to some 52.3 million tons of foreign cargo imported at a value of $80.8 billion. The port is large enough to handle the largest container ships in the world, including the Evergreen A-class.

The MV Dali, which struck the Baltimore bridge today, carries an equivalent of of 9,962 twenty-foot shipping containers, which the port handled 1.1 million of last year. The port is also a major centre for the car industry, and handled 847,158 cars and light trucks in 2023, which was said to be “more cars and light trucks than any other U.S. port for 13 consecutive years”.

I saw the video of this.

Just awful. I can’t even put it into words right now.


That’s not right for the port. The Key Bridge was on the outer edge of the port and then the I-895 and I-95 tunnels go under the inner harbor.

Once they clear the channel it should let commerce resume. Probably a few months for sure.

Awful about any loss of life. Hopefully the time of day and whatever warning they were able to muster kept the toll to a minimum.

We always hated crossing that bridge. It was a pretty severe climb and descent.


Surprised it took so long for this thread to appear.

The video was horrific because people were crossing when it collapsed. Absolutely awful.

And now my wife’s phobia of passing over a bridge just went up to 11. :expressionless:


Shows how random and fragile life really is.

Here in Colorado a few months ago a rail segment failed just a few yards west of I-25. It caused a freight train carrying coal to derail, which caused coal cars to crash into the sides of a bridge over the highway. Coal cars tumbled over the side, onto the road. Traffic was light. Only one vehicle was crushed (killing the driver.) Nobody expect a train to fall from the sky and kill you. Nobody expects a cargo ship to take out the bridge you’re crossing. And in this case the amount of bridge that was collapsed into the water was so long that even if you saw it coming you couldn’t gun it and escape the mayhem.

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People who say they don’t believe in faith don’t contemplate the faith they have in the engineer who designed the bridge, in the construction company that erected it, in a million other people who could take it down (either accidentally or deliberately.) They cross the bridge. In faith.

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planes into buildings, boats into bridges…

hopefully something more sinister wasn’t intended…

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I knew a girl that used to hold her breath going across bridges. Here in Maryland, The Bay Bridge is over 3 miles long. Not sure she made it all the way across that one on one breath.

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Via Twitter

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Some other corners of the internet the conspiracy theories are in full effect.

On X There is a video making the rounds of an explosion at the bridge and even though that has been proven to be video of another bridge not even in the US, its now gospel truth to some idiots.

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Someday soon I’m gonna sail away on my boat and never look back. :rofl:


I love the water and having a boat is a dream of mine but right now looking to find somewhere in the middle of nowhere we can buy to escape to from time to time. Another fantasy maybe but more realistic for me.

I built a tiny home camper (toilet, shower, and kitchen included) out of my minivan last year and now I’m a self-sustaining maniac with ideas knowing full-well that 3.6 kWh per day is all I would ever actually need. :rofl:


Yup. Saw someone else post that the captain is Ukrainian. As if …

If there was some intended sinister effort to cripple the USA somehow, this wouldn’t be the way to do it.

I figured mostly Mercedes BMW Volkswagen.

Subaru NA is a surprise.

Good post!

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Since we have the ship logs and testimony of all aboard and most importantly the harbor pilot I am of the strong opinion this was an accident.

If you look at the thesis of Oliver Lane targeting a port is a solid military plan. It does a multiplier layer of damage.

Neo-Panamax size vessel. Greater deadweight tonnage than a Ford-class carrier.

No surprise that it obliterated the bridge, with little damage to itself, even though the superstructure of the bridge collapsed onto the vessel.

Once power is lost on one of these vessels, you pretty much have a straight up battering ram.

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